Why Do My Armpits Sweat So Much –

Sweating is a normal condition that occurs when the temperature inside the body gets increased; as a result unwanted substances are thrown out in the form of sweat. The body produces sweat to cool the body system in such hot conditions. Sweating mostly occurs when there is stress and anxiety in the mind which gets reflected in the form of sweat from the body. Sweating is a necessary function which cannot be ignored or stopped from happening.

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Another thing to take into consideration is anxiety. Lots of people with sweat issues have anxiety issues as well. Feeling anxious or living a stressful life promotes and causes you to sweat more. In this day and age we are put into situations of stress that are unnatural. In nature stress was a result of seeing a predator or having to run from one. When we did our bodies would go into fight or flight. Our heart would start racing and all our bodily functions become geared towards movement.

Since the cause of the underarm odor is the bacteria it makes sense that if we reduce the amount of sweat then we can prevent the bacteria that depend on it. Since antiperspirants are able to reduce excessive sweating they must be the answer rightc No. Antiperspirants have their limitations and draw-backs.

These are some approaches to over sweating: Iontophoresis – A safe and and time tested procedure in which a device delivers a low current of electricity to the hands or feet and sometimes the armpits while they are bathed in water. As the electrical current passes through the water it interferes with your sweat glands so you obtain partial or total dryness. Though the procedure is safe and usually effective it can be time consuming and for some mildly to moderately painful with some mild skin irritation.

The cause of hyperhidrosis is overactive sweat glands. There are two types of hyperhidrosis: generalized and focal. In generalized hyperhidrosis excessive sweating occurs over the entire body. It is often caused by a medical condition such as an infection a chronic disease or a disorder that disrupts the body’s natural balance of hormones.

Sweaty palms disorder or the palmer hyperhidrosis is the most commonly diagnosed forms of the excessive sweating syndrome hyperhidrosis. This condition represents itself by occurring as a condition when a person’s hands and soles of the feet sweat boundlessly. This produces wet and cold hands of the patients who suffer from hyperhidrosis. That is the bad news the good is that there is more than one cure for sweaty palms.



  1. Reasons for dizzy spells, nausea and sweating for no reason?
    So for no reason I see I will get dizzy and sick to my stomach and sweat like crazy. This happens maybe a few times a month if that. I haven’t taken any drugs or alcohol and im at a decent weight for a teenager. My diet consists of what any normal teen would eat in my eyes. Any reasons why this would be happening cause I have no clue.


  2. Foot sweating causes burning foot pain while walking?
    My feet burn if I walk more than about 20 minutes. I have had this foot problem for several years and it bothers me immensley, I have flat feet and went to a podiatrist and he gave me orthotics – no help at all. Weird thing, I can walk forever with sandels, all over New York City for days no problem. After thinking about every symptom, the only thing I can isolate is that with shoes, my feet start sweating instantly and socks become very wet and damp, this is the only thing I can think of that would be the reason my feet burn when walking with shoes. If I wear socks on top of each other for more absorption it seems to ease the pain. I am wandering if anyone knows what this is, also I dont wear shoes often so if I started weraing them all the time maybe eventually feet would stop sweating?


    • There are a number of possibilities such as a condition called hyperhidrosis (excess sweating).

      I would recommend consulting your primary care physician as well to have them evaluate the situation further to see what they think could be going on.


  3. what causes heavy sweating for no reason?
    a person sleeping is sweating heavily.


  4. what causes hot flashes and sweating in men.just started recently.I can be inside and all of sudden just start
    to feel flush and clamy then just start to sweat for no reason.happens atleast 5 times a day


    • Have you recently started doing something different? Some medicines (like niacin, taken for high cholesterol) can cause these symptoms. Also, you might have low blood sugar, perhaps caused by diabetic medicines. You might even be dehydrated, if you have been on a crash diet. You should talk to your doctor and ask her if she should order some tests to find out what’s going on.


  5. What would cause Abnormal Sweating in a healthy 28 yr old male?
    I have recently started sweating profusely for no reason and it has me slightly concerned. I am 28 years old and have never had a problem with sweating outside of exercising. Now I am sweating while typing. I have tried switching to a different deodorant, but it does not seem to be working. Does anyone have any insight they could share? Thanks!


    • Excessive sweating is called diaphoresis and can sometimes be a sign of serious underlying conditions.

      How long has the sweating been going on?
      When does the sweating occur? All day or only at night?
      Is there a fever? Does the person feel sick?
      Is there a family history of excessive sweating?
      Is the person taking any medications or illegal drugs?
      Does the sweating occur in only some areas of the body or all over?

      Excessive sweating has many causes, including: hyperhidrosisstrenuous activityhot weather or wearing too much clothing for the temperatureinherited factors, as some people sweat more than othersmigraine headaches almost any infection, such as pneumonia, tuberculosis or a serious heart infection called endocarditis hyperthyroidism, an increased level of thyroid hormone in the bodypain, stress, anxiety or fearhypoglycemia, that is, low blood sugarserious heart conditions, such as a heart attack or congestive heart failure serious lung conditions, such as emphysema, pulmonary edema or a pulmonary embolus medications, such as haloperidol, which is used to treat psychosis illegal drugs, such as cocainecancer or other tumors autoimmune disorders, in which a person’s immune system attacks the body. Some examples are rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus.strokes, which can affect the temperature control center of the brain

      You need to see your Doctor.


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