Truncal Hyperhidrosis

The amount of sweat that is excreted by the body is mainly dependent on the outside temperature and the exertion done by the body. More the exertion done more is the sweat produced so as to regulate the body temperature and to keep the body cool. . The chemical which gives out odor to sweat is 2 methyl phenol and 4 methyl phenol. The presence of these chemicals in the sweat is mainly responsible for the odor of the sweat. Sweat is excreted in humans through the sweat glands present in the body.

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Excessive sweating can occur depending upon our feeling. Some of the reasons are if we are tensed up or in some kind of hurry searching for something or may be due to hearing some shocking news. By keeping ourselves cool or by working out exercises there is a possibility to stop it.

Many people are surprised to find out that women have more sweat glands than men. A man’s few sweat glands are more active than a woman’s many though which is why men tend to sweat more than women.

As follows are some excessive sweating options to consider looking at: Medications applied to the skin (also called topical medications). Topical medications contain aluminum salts in higher concentrations than those found in regular antiperspirants. They are used to treat mild forms of hyperhidrosis. Some irritation may occur with this type of treatment including burning or stinging.

Focal hyperhidrosis occurs on a specific part of the body including the armpits soles of the feet palms of hands face or other areas. Genetics play a role as many people with focal hyperhidrosis have other family members with the condition. Hyperhidrosis is not a contagious condition. Symptoms and Complications of Hyperhidrosis. Excessive sweating is the main symptom of hyperhidrosis. It may affect the entire body or just certain body areas such as the armpits hands face or feet.

The sweat pores are present throughout the body and are responsible for the excretion of the sweat from the body thus regulating the body temperature. Sweat pores are also present in the palms. The sweaty palm excessive sweating is termed as palmer hyper hydrosis and may result in excessive sweat excretion through the palms. The problem of sweaty palm is genetic in most cases which generally starts at early age and gradually increases with the age.


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