Knowing the common sweaty feet causes will give you an advantage in dealing with them appropriately. It is hard to find a solution if you do not know where the problem is. So having some information on the probable causes of sweaty feet will enable you to avoid or treat this unpleasant condition accordingly.

There are plenty of sweaty feet causes and they result into the excessive secretion of sweat that can house bacteria. When these bacteria come into play, the situation gets serious since what is included now is some stinky and foul odor. So aside from reducing the sweat that is being secreted, eliminating the bacteria involved is another priority.
Poor hygiene is one of the many sweaty feet causes. Bacteria love to grow on dirty feet. This is a bad situation to put yourself in because you do not want those bacteria to make a living on your feet. They are the main responsible for the development of foul odor and no person wants to have this stinky stuff. So clean your feet, change your socks daily and put some deodorant powder if necessary.

Another factor is the level of toxicity on your body. These toxics originate from foods with high content of saturated fats and also from excessive drinking of liquors. Lack of exercise and laziness can cause toxics from building in your body. People who also drink few amount of water are found to have high level of toxicity.

You should now formulate your set of plans on how you will deal with your sweaty feet condition. You should direct your plan towards having a good lifestyle and diet. You should also try to avoid the things that can worsen your condition.

Knowing the basic sweaty feet causes is not enough. You should act accordingly and sometimes it includes changing your lifestyle and diet. Just remember that you are doing it for your own wellness so better start it now!

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  1. sweaty feet and hands 24/7?
    ok so im 15 and a girl and ever since i was a baby ive always have sweaty hands and feet it will be so cold out and they are always clammy and my hands and feet will be cold but i have like a cold sweat it drives me crazy…i tried powder and lotion but my hands and feet r just sweaty again in like 2 minutes …anyways i can make my hands and feet not sweaty 24/7 lol please help its so uncomfortable when i do anything even holding hands with my bf :((


    • It’s called hyperhydrosis. I’m not sure what treatments are out there for hand and feet but talk to your Dr. He/she will let you know. It may be a medication.


  2. what causes sweaty feet and hands in babies?
    my baby is now 3mths old and her hands and feet sweats so bad that i have to change her sock every so often and it gets even worst when she gets upset


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