Certain emotional and psychological conditions are known to trigger excessive sweating syndrome. These emotional or psychological states include anxiety nervousness or even anger. Although psychological distress is a widely acceptable cause of sweating this sweaty palms effect mostly occurs in absence of outside stimulation. That is why its causes are thought to be rooted in the sympathetic nervous system.

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Sweating is our body’s natural reaction to heat. But when does sweating become excessive and what can we do to prevent this from happeningc You might find the answer with herbal remedies for sweating.

Why do some people sweat more that othersc There are several reasons that some people may be sweatier than others. The first is that we are all born with a different number of sweat glands from the next person. How many sweat glands you have has a lot to do with heredity and genetics.Being overweight will also cause you to sweat more than a thinner person because the excess fat raises the bodys core temperture.

Here are some options you can look at to treat excessive sweating – Iontophoresis – A safe and and time tested procedure in which a device delivers a low current of electricity to the hands or feet and sometimes the armpits while they are bathed in water. As the electrical current passes through the water it interferes with your sweat glands so you obtain partial or total dryness. Though the procedure is safe and usually effective it can be time consuming and for some mildly to moderately painful with some mild skin irritation. Iontophoresis. In this form of treatment the affected area is submerged in water and an electric current is passed through the water. It is unclear exactly how this treatment works; however the electrical charge may affect the production of sweat from glands. This method is time-consuming and requires several weeks of treatment to reach normal levels of sweating. Side effects include dry peeling skin.

If excessive sweating is interfering with the quality of your life and keeping you from fully enjoying relationships with family friends associates and significant others you owe it to yourself to find a treatment that will work for you.

Sweaty palms disorder or the palmer hyperhidrosis is the most commonly diagnosed forms of the excessive sweating syndrome hyperhidrosis. This condition represents itself by occurring as a condition when a person’s hands and soles of the feet sweat boundlessly. This produces wet and cold hands of the patients who suffer from hyperhidrosis. That is the bad news the good is that there is more than one cure for sweaty palms.

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  1. SWEATY ARMPITS?!??!?!?
    So, im 14 and i have a really embarrassing problem..sweaty armpits!! So Wheather im hot or cold ill just sweat! Like i cant wear short
    sleeves anymore cuz (even if im absolutly freezing) ill just sweat right through them! Yes i wear deoderant and it doesnt help much! I think i may get this cuz i get anxious before school. Idk why, but before
    school (and the afternoon and mornings) my armpits And hands just
    sweat and sweat and sweat..even if im sooo cold! Its weird. How can i fix this? Also my hands will just sweat 4 no reason too! And the weird thing is, this NEVER happens when im not at school or with my friends. I dont get it. I wanna wear shirts i like without worrying bout pit stains and bad b.o and i wanna be able to run my fingers threw my hair without it slipping from all the sweat from my palms!! PLEASE HELLLLP


    • Maybe This Happens Because Your Afraid Something bad Or Embarrassing Might Happen so You Start Sweating Alot And My Get Embarrassed Around Your Friends


  2. how do i get rid of sweaty palms and armpits?
    even when i am not playing a sport or working out i get really sweaty hands or armpits even if i am extremely cold. my hands are really dry so i dont know if that has anything to do with it and for my armits i could be cold as well and i will sweat A LOT right through my shirt! i am not nervous when this happens so i dont know what it is. ive heard stuff like palmer hyperhyrosis or thyroid propblems that are associated with this but i dont know if i have those symtoms. this happens on my feet too but i dont really care because my feet dont have to hold peopes hands lol. please answer seriously. thanks for all your help : )


  3. sweaty, clammy, cold hands and feet?
    i get it when im nervous, or just whenever. i get it alot. and im 15. ive had it since i was a kid. and my armpit and upper lip gets sweaty sometimes when im nervous.

    what can i do?


    • carry a towel around to wipe yourself down. or maybe go see a doctor. towels cheaper though. u pick.


  4. VERY sweaty armpits.?
    okay, my armpits sweat, A LOT.
    it’s not because of what i use on them, so don’t give me a brand of whatever.
    i’m skinny, but my hands are always cold & sweaty.
    my friend told me to try this rub on anti-perspirant where you put it on before you go to bed. it works, i mean, my armpits aren’t sweaty. but they itch and are very rashy. so i’m going to stop using them, but i need something that will also work, but not itch.
    i’m also pretty young, so i’m not going to go out and get botox any time soon.
    i’m using the CVS brand of roll-on, it has the same things in it that all the name brands do, but cheaper.


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