Excessive sweating is not single an uneasy conundrum but the furthermore a frequent nuisance which someway can not be there cured permanently. After you sweat excessively it is a medicinal condition called hyperhidrosis However at hand are nearly proven stay sweating tips which can keep the conundrum under control:

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– Due to the smell caused by more sweating populate resort to multiple bottles of antiperspirant otherwise deodorant sprays otherwise roll-ons. This can not be there a few remedy in support of more sweating but can help you overcome sweating problems on a temporary basis.

– Many of the too much sweating problems are caused by psychological conflict like stress anxiety depression and all that. After you seek medicinal help doctors would more often than not prescribe anti-depressants which may possibly help you overcome sweating problems to an limit.

– let alone visibly hot otherwise scented foods. Remember to facilitate these can not prevent more sweating but may possibly take tension of the bad odor associated with it.

– wearing state of affairs you discover to facilitate the more sweating conundrum is concentrated primarily on the armpit area shred your armpits systematically helps wearing calculating the bad odor. Bacterial growth wearing the tresses under the arms and the odor is caused by the bacterial feeding rotten the sweat which causes the odor.

– a further proven tip to stay sweating is dealing with 20% aluminum chloride solution. The solution would enter the sweat glands and what a outcome the glands inflate. This blocks the perspiration to get hold of the top layer of the skin. What you pass on with this dealing the sweat glands are like to diminish permanently which revenue to facilitate a reduced amount of sweat wearing the outlook.

– at hand are nearly dietary tips which can help you overcome too much sweating. Consumption grapes otherwise fresh grape juice all daytime helps. The mode of skirmish is to facilitate this fruit helps wearing cooling the body and thus stay sweating.

– a further birthplace remedy is to drink buttermilk everyday. Drinking a cup of tomato juice everyday in support of a week furthermore helps overcome sweating problems. In the agree with week drink the same cup of tomato juice all alternate daytime what a go behind up therapy.


– To murder the bacteria which cause the bad odor from too much sweating lay nearly vinegar and juice of semi a lime wearing your bath fill up. This reduces the need in support of a deodorant and would help wearing eradicating the bacteria what well.

– a further birthplace remedy to facilitate is operational wearing bad odor and can tackle more sweating conundrum is to bathe cotton coat pads wearing a solution of fill up and baking juice powder. Use up this solution to underarm cleaning.

– You can furthermore lay nearly apple cider vinegar under your armpits to prevent more sweating what well what murder bad odor.

– If you on a daily basis forget about your body with chamomile smear with oil this can furthermore be there operational wearing stopping more perspiration and stay body odor.

– If you hanker after to prevent more sweating wear clothes which are made of natural fabrics like cotton coat and silk. Since these fabrics allow simple passage of air it decreases sweating drastically.

– Wearing a hat in summer is a proficient theory what the fever of your rule controls your body fever what well and this can prevent sweating.

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  1. question about sweating during a fever?
    my 12 yr old was rushed to E.R. with a high fever,stomach pains,etc.(he’s better now)
    the Dr. was puzzled as to why he was sweating profusely from the tops of his feet but the rest of his body was dry as a bone.
    does anyone know why this happens?


    • I’m afraid I don’t know but I hope you followed up with your son’s pediatrician. You could ask his doctor this question.


  2. Body aches- cold sweats- fever- then it breaks- just like that?
    I’m 21 and female and don’t have time to go to the doctor that’s why I ask y’all-

    Last tuesday- went out after a night class for a drink and nachos and pool with some friends- I had one drink got home and was really nauseous and went to bed.
    Thursday- I had gone out wednesday night for drink and thought I had a slight hangover- I got home and started freezing slept woke up sweating profusely with body aches and a headache but not a painstakening headache like a dizzying head ache. I slept it off.
    Friday- same symptoms- I pop a few pain relievers and it goes away
    Saturday the same symptoms last for two hours or so- Not hungry- body aches- fever- cold- then hot- sweat it out- starving.

    hot showers make me feel better

    same sunday and monday- cold sweats- body aches and a headache- lasts for a couple hours then my day is fine.

    I have no idea what any of this is- but its KIND OF HINDERING MY DAYS!!

    I’ve felt this before once when I was preganant- But saturday night I started my period- its been light but I still started eliminating that possibility- any ideas.

    I’m a nursing student as well so I’m whigging out here.
    -I dont think its the flu because it goes away after two hours and I’m eprfect the rest of the day

    Its not reactive hypoglycemia- I’m tested for that frequently because my dad is diabetic and it happens anywhere from 12-18 hours after consuming alcohol.
    I dont think its the flu because it goes away after two hours and I’m eprfect the rest of the day

    Its not reactive hypoglycemia- I’m tested for that frequently because my dad is diabetic and it happens anywhere from 12-18 hours after consuming alcohol.
    and it happens even when I don’t drink.

    I drink lots of water and eat healthy- (ier) than most people anyway. I’m fit and busy. I literally have no time to go see a doctor. and can’t miss work or school. NOT AN OPTION.


    • Those symptoms can be from anything. You say you have no time to go to the Doctor, make time. My lack of time for the Doctor has led me to a kidney transplant. Even thought I’m fine, my life now revolves around Doctors. So, make time now or you will find time later.

      Also, drink a lot of water. I mean tons. This will clean out your body and you will feel tons better. Also, if you noticed drinking made you feel lousy, then drink less or don’t drink at all. At least till you get to the Doctors. Good luck


  3. My son has flushes of sweating profusely but no fever any time of the day. What could be wrong?
    He first started with a fever on and off for three days over a week ago. I administered paracetamol syrup because he was showing signs of having having a common cold. It subsided but over the last weekend he was dehydrated for his lips were even dry which is unusual and he had no appetite. He was also nauseated. On Monday morning he vomited after breakfast. I took him to hospital and was treated for chest infection – He was wheezing badly. He showed some response however he started sweating profusely but no fever and complaining of headache and abdominal pain. What could be wrong with my son?


    • The sweating could just be a sign that his fever has broke. My daughter was sick with a fever then I gave her Tylenol, she took a nap and when she woke up from her nap her head was cool and she was dripping in sweat. I took her to the hospital because her temp was really low but they just told me that the Tylenol brought her fever down and that the sweating was normal when children break a fever. If you are concerned with your child’s health, you should take him to see a doctor though,


  4. Why does vicoprofen cause me to sweat ALOT?? I dont have a fever but everytime I take a dose I start sweating?
    I am taking 2 Vicoprofen 7.5 every 4 hours for tooth pain from an abscess Med works great for the pain but with every dose I take I will start to sweat profusely which is very uncomfortable….Anyone else have this prob or knows what causes it?


    • For one thing you are taking too much. You are experiencing a common side effect of narcotics (hydrocodone in vicoprofen is a narcotic.) Many people sweat after taking narcotics, it is just a side effect that happens. You can reduce your dose, keep a cool cloth nearby and reduce the temp of the room. If I were you I would only take one of those tablets and increase the ibuprofen to a total of 800 mg every 6 hrs. Remember there is already some in the Vicoprofen.
      Hope this helps.
      PS. Take your temperature too. If you have an abcess, you can have a fever from infection. If you are above 99′ call your dentist (antibiotics)
      PS The average dose of Hydrocodone for adult surgical pain is 2.5mg to 10 mg and you are taking 15mg. That’s high.


  5. New tattoo on neck causing fever?
    Two days ago I got two new tattoos. One is a “tramp stamp” of a frog wearing a tutu and the other is very large and on my neck. It is a girlie skull and crossbones with stars and the skull is wearing a bow. Anyway, It is really cute but, I have been running fever and sweating profusely since I got it. I was told it is just because I have had it put on my neck and to add to complications some people are allergic to red ink, not to mention I am very anemic and was sweating profusely during the tattoo on my neck as well. Is this normal? I know I don’t have any diseases because of the tattoos so anyone suggesting that is crazy. I have two other tattoo’s and I haven’t had reactions like this before. They are also black and white though. I think it may just be because of the location of the one on my neck. Any tattoo artists out there with any ideas?
    It is not infected. I have been cleaning it with antibacterial soap and have kept a&d on it. I am wondering if it is just traumatic to get one that large on the neck!
    along with the fever i have been sweating. it seems to be worse (or noticed more) at night. We are in texas and the temps here are already at 101, so i am pretty used to being hot, but never do i sweat and certainly not like this. My tats are healing fine, and i am very happy with the work. I just didn’t know if it is normal to run fever afterward and be sweating this badly
    Ok. So I talked with Arnie my tat artist… this is totally normal it just doesn’t happen all that often.
    I have had a reaction to the trauma that a tattoo does to your body. I have put a foreign substance into my body and so now I have to wait for my body to adjust. The fever is because my body has gone into overdrive trying to “fix” a problem.
    Anyway, Thank you for all of your help! I hope this helps anyone else who may have the same reaction that I did …


    • Are you really running a fever, or are you just sweating? Since you said that you were sweating during the procedure then chances are that it’s just your body’s reaction to the trauma. When I have a dip in my blood pressure I break out in sweats, and it can be caused by a lot of stress factors.

      I also tend to run a low grade fever with my larger pieces. This could all very well be your body’s reaction to the trauma. If your symptoms get worse and not better, if there’s an increase in pain and swelling or if you’re just concerned then go see your doctor. It’s always better to be safe. Different people have different reactions to large pieces, or painful pieces, and some of them can seem quite dramatic. Stress from worrying about a symptom doesn’t help.


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