Excessive underarm sweating is more common than you might think. It can be the result from a multitude of causes. Some of these include our heredity while others can be from foods we eat or medications we are on. Caffeine and alcohol can even bring the condition on. But regardless of the reason there are ways to prevent excessive sweating.

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There are a lot of different causes for the excessive sweating of ones hands and this makes it a very hard task to find the exact cause of a single person’s problem. Add in the fact that many people are too ashamed to seek help for it and it just builds up more and more stress. Genetics is usually the culprit behind the issue but sometimes bad habits can cause the problem as well.

Sweating problems can cause you to spend more on essentials like soaps antiperspirant and creams. This condition may require specialty products to keep your sweat glands under control.

As follows are some excessive sweating options to consider looking at: Over-the-counter antiperspirants — usually tried first because they are readily available. Antiperspirants containing aluminum chloride (for example Certain-Dri) may be more effective when other antiperspirants have failed. Surgical procedures. Surgical destruction or disruption of nerve pathways that cause sweat glands to produce sweat may be used for people who do not respond well to other treatments. Risks of the surgery include infection bleeding and nerve damage.

Excessive sweating usually happens in people aged 25 to 64 although younger people may also be affected. Interruptions to daily activities as well as other social disruptions caused by excess sweat are a common result of this condition. In some cases people don’t seek treatment from a doctor because they do not realize that treatment exists to reduce the amount of sweat a person produces.

The sweat pores are present throughout the body and are responsible for the excretion of the sweat from the body thus regulating the body temperature. Sweat pores are also present in the palms. The sweaty palm excessive sweating is termed as palmer hyper hydrosis and may result in excessive sweat excretion through the palms. The problem of sweaty palm is genetic in most cases which generally starts at early age and gradually increases with the age.

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  1. I want my face to STOP sweating so much!?
    when i’m out clubbing and dancing, it’s embarassing when my face is almost dripping wih sweat. Is there any type of makeup or something that can help this?


    • it might sound werid but befoure you go out dancing at those types of places it also might be what your wearing since your getting hot..but spray your face with hairspray and then put your make up on it seals your sweat pores.
      i have dont it m,ant a times i i recommend if your face is senstive dont do it.


  2. How to stop sweating so much?
    I work outside at a theme park all summer (mostly up to 9 hours), and I sweat so much its ridiculous. I used to wear make-up but now I don’t bother. It’s mostly my face sweating which is embarrassing. My armpits don’t sweat as much. But is there any product I can use to stop this? I used to use baby wipes but I would still have that nasty sweating glow, and my face is already oily. Any suggestions?


    • Apply a thin gel substance of Antiperspirant you can check medical stores, or online this cuts down the sweating a lot.

      Hope this helped 🙂


  3. how to stop your face from sweating so much?
    i just started working as a waitress in a restaurant and it gets really hot sometimes and my face kinda sweats abit, i wear make-up, do you think make-up is helping it sweat more or less?


    • Hello

      Excessive sweating is a common problem that more than 3% of the population faced with. It is not only a cause of embarrassment for the individual, excessive sweating can also create different problems with someone’s lifestyle as well.

      Anyhow there are some specific methods that can help you to stop your excessive sweating.
      Here are 7 easy tips that can help you to avoid hyperhidrosis:

      Keep Away From Sugar

      having high sugar level in your blood produces hyper activity and anxiety that can easily produce excessive stress, also meaning excessive sweating.

      Avoid Alcohol

      Drinking drinks with Alcohol causes the dilatation of blood vessels that result in an increase in body temperature and therefore excessive sweat.

      Avoid Spicy Food:

      Spicy foods have the same effects as alcohol, it makes the heart pumps more blood and so the body, to regulate itself produces sweat.

      Adopt Your Clothing:

      Don’t over dress, and in summer or any other hot weather don’t wear synthetic fibers. Use breathing fabrics like cotton. This will ventilate your body and void any accumulation of sweat.

      Stop That Caffeine:

      Caffeine is a stimulant that increases the anxiety. It could be found in coffee and other soda drinks.

      Don’t Smoke:

      Smoking is also a vessel dilator just like alcohol.

      Learn Yoga or Meditation:

      A common cause for excessive sweating is stress. To avoid or reduce stress you should learn to control it. Your best way to control is by learning meditation or yoga techniques. Mastering those can make a huge difference on your life.

      hope it helps


  4. How can I get my face to stop sweating so much in gym?
    I’m in 7th I have gym in 4th and no matter how hot it is we have to run outside.. Yes it’s crazy. We have nooo time to change what so ever and after gym my face is sweating a lot but not my under arms since I wear A LOT of deoderent. Right after gym I have to go straight to lunch I have no time to clean up its GROSS and I’m very embarrased! 🙁 How can i fix myself up?!
    Btw, I’m in shape so Idk why I’m sweating that bad.


  5. How Can I Stop Sweating So Much On My Face From Nerves?
    i sweat especially on the nose and its very embarressing, when i’m in a room with new people i get really anxious and nervous that i sweat alot, but only on my FACE….and it is the worse becuz thats so noticeable!..everyone elses face is dry!


    • You can get oil-free foundation and use a good powder (possibly corn-starch based) which should help. Keep a hanky or a tissue in your pocket so you can wipe your nose nonchalantly as needed. If nothing else works, products with aluminum chloride might help. There is an underarm persperation roll-on called Certain Dri that my husband uses. You might be able to find something similar for your face.


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