Sweating is really disturbing when it is accompanied by an unpleasant odor. It is important to take the necessary steps to stop excessive sweat. This condition has to be cured only my taking natural treatment or taking up a surgery. In ETS surgery the surgeon who operates on the nerve stops the activities of the nerve by using a clamp. The nerve that sends signal to the sweat glands to produce sweat is cut down. Excess sweating can even affect the scalp and thus make the hair sticky with dandruff.

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One way way to stop underarm sweat naturally is to shower and shave your armpit area. When you are finished taking a shower you should run some cold water through your underarm area to close your pores. Once you are done drying yourself off you should take some baking soda and apply it to your underarms to help absorb any perspiration that may develop through the day.

Many people are surprised to find out that women have more sweat glands than men. A mans few sweat glands are more active than a womans many though which is why men tend to sweat more than women.

The approach to treating excessive sweating generally proceeds as follows: Iontophoresis – A safe and and time tested procedure in which a device delivers a low current of electricity to the hands or feet and sometimes the armpits while they are bathed in water. As the electrical current passes through the water it interferes with your sweat glands so you obtain partial or total dryness. Though the procedure is safe and usually effective it can be time consuming and for some mildly to moderately painful with some mild skin irritation. Topical Medications – over the counter or perscription anti-perspirants. These may work for some people with light to moderate hyperhidrosis. Prescription antiperspirants are strong solutions which may cause red swollen and itchy skin and they may lose effectiveness over time. Most prescription antiperspirants must be applied several times daily. Prescription antiperspirants include aluminum hexahydrate in alcohol tannic acid solution formalin solution and glutaraldehyde solution.

Throughout the average day our bodies naturally perspire as a way to regulate heat. In some people natural perspiration is excessive in the face and hands. This condition is known as hyperhidrosis (Sometimes misspelled as hyperhydrosis) and is defined as the production of perspiration beyond what is necessary to cool the body.

Hyperhidrosis is basically the Latin term for profuse or excessive sweating. I should point out that this condition of the endocrine system involves a good deal more than just having sweaty pits following a work out or sporting activity; hyperhidrosis is much much more pronounced and could include having super sweaty underarms palms feet face groin etc. People who have this condition are often embarrassed by the copious perspiration and I think we can all sympathize with their plight.

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  1. What do you think so far?
    Well i just recently started writing this (as in 10 to 20 minutes before posting this). I am warning you it is quiet vague due to the fact i just started. But basically the main character is a girl at least 14- 16 years of age with plenty of magical experiences but then a war over good and evil arise. Ever since that moment her mother has dreams that tell her the future and so far she sees the worst to come, but she never tells anyone. ( I had this idea 15 minutes before posting this so enjoy)

    October nineteenth twenty fifty- three, the sound of thundering booms and blood curdling screams could be heard from far and wide. I felt the breeze of the early morning brush up against my cheek telling me my father was still alive. Every morn at eight fifteen my father would blow a kiss in the air and would tell the wind to send it to me. So at this time I was awake, standing on the porch and hoping to feel the kiss my father sent me from miles away. After his loving kiss the breeze willingly sends everyday had arrived I ran into the house to wake mother only to find her tossing and turning on the ground from her nightmare.
    Her blanket was covered with sweat and her panting; being worse than yesterday, was causing her throat to swell with pain. The curtains concealed the window that laid silence, making sure not to reveal the dust from previous day’s battle. I crawled down next to her and shook her shoulder slightly. Her eyes abruptly opened showing the fear and pain she went through that night. Her hands shot forward for my arms and clenched them with much force. Her anger showed in her eyes like a beast that has caught its prey. She shook me back and forth with sudden tears in her eyes.
    Things like this were common, her sudden emotional changes, the nightmares, everything except that there was a hint of joy in her eyes. The greens and blues mixed together in harmony creating a feeling of bliss. This was a strange morning, well at least compared to the rest. But something unexpected happened. My mother screamed, her hands still grasping my arms. Her voice sounded similar to a screeching monkey.
    I was utterly shock at the moment, but I assume that it was one of her more horrifying nightmares. I took my hand and placed it on her head causing her to drift back to sleep. My mother has already approved the use of magic on her. So if she was to ever wake up from a terrifying nightmare I would put her back to rest and brew her a remedy. She tells me that in times like this she feels possessed as if she was a puppet to her master. I looked down to she was calm and slowly drifting into a nightmare once again.


    • It is convoluted, vague, repetetive and the syntax needs some adjustment.

      Animals do not get angry when they sieze their prey.

      You have an imagination though, so keep at it.


  2. cause and remedy for night sweats-No not Drug User, No, not Pregnant, No no TB, No STD, and no not Menopause.?
    healthy- 30 yr old, female, sweats alot during the sleep, even in the winter with the windows wide open. X-rays show no TB, only 30 so should not be menapause, blood test shows no hiv or aids or any other STD. what can be causing this- it has been going on for over 3 yeras every night (less 5 days)


  3. What do my dreams mean? They scare the crap out of me sometimes?
    For the past few nights I have been having really weird dreams and I don’t know what they mean and one of then is kinda scaring me. My first dream that I want to discuss happened to me last night. Two years ago I had a bestfriend who I am going to call “Wendy”. Wendy and I were bestfriends and did everything together. I was dating this guy at the time that I’m going to call “Melvin”. Melvin was my first love. To make a long story short, Wendy ended up sleeping with Melvin and I haven’t spoken to her since, and I had even moved west for a while to get away from it all but I recently came back. Mind you that was two years ago. Last night I had a dream that I was living in my old house that I was living in two years ago when all of that had occurred (I have lived in two different places since then and haven’t lived in that house since 2007) but even though I was living in the old house, I was the person that I am today (meaning more mature) and well aware of what had happened between Wendy and Melvin (in real life when I had lived in that house I was clueless about them fooling aroung and didn’t find out until I moved into a new house). In the dream I was sitting in the living area watching TV when all of a sudden I had a gut feeling to get up and look out of the window, so I did. When I looked out the window I saw this weird green van that I had never seen before (It was night time out and I couldn’t see inside of the van), even though I couldn’t see in the van, I just had that gut feeling that it was Wendy outside. I walked outside and got in on the passengers side, she and I began to talk but we didn’t mention what happened between her and Melvin. In real life I haven’t seen this girl literally in two years but I had heard that she had contracted the HIV virus since she and I stopped being friends, so in the dream I asked her about it because she looked really bad, she had huge bags and was really pale (definitly not the Wendy I knew 2 years ago). She denied it and said that she had been diagnosed with cervical cancer and that the doctor had prescribed her some kind of new aged remedy which was snakes venom to inject in her blood to get rid of the cancer, and she had even showed me the pill bottle that contained the snakes venom, so naturally I believed her. She and I had been talking for hours because it started to get a little light outside. She asked me if we could ride downtown like we used to do in the old days and I said yeah. We began to drive but then I heard police sirens behind us, she turned to me and warned me that she had had drugs in the car, so out of fear I jumped out of the car and tried to run while she kept on driving off. The police caught me halfway through the woods and began reading me my rights and handcuffing me, but while they were doing that, Wendy just appeared out of no where (without the green van) she was standing next to me, but it seemed like nobody else could see her except for me. The police weren’t paying any attention to her almost as if she wasn’t even there in the first place. Then my dream went to a different house, one that I had never seen before. The door bell rang and Wendy answered it looking like her old self again (no bags, healthy looking) a guy walked in and asked her if he could see me, she replied yes and then pointed over to the other side of the room where I had been locked inside of a cage as a demon of some sort with huge horns on top of my head and red eyes, I was barely dressed and had blood all over my face and hands like I had been eating some kind of animal or something. It scared the crap out of me and I woke up in a cold sweat. I’m the kind of person that believes that all dreams come from a certain place and has a certain meaning so if you believe the same thing I do, then please help me figure out what this means. I have another dream that I would like to share as well, but on a different page. Thanks guys


    • Did hearing about how wendy got HIV make you feel guilty?
      well you might not have consciously but deep down something in you felt bad and it decided to come out in your dream.
      I think the part of you asking her about it and the fact that she looks really bad is your mind feeling guilt about losing the friendship, or wishing you could see if she’s ok. Because even when we have something happen between a best friend that ruins the friendship for us, if we cared about them and loved them ( we all love our bestfriends), theres always a part of us that forgives them and can’t forget what we had.

      i also think that dreams happen for a reason and they are trying to tell us something about ourselves, or our lives. I think they serve as a guide to help us grow and become better. Especially when they feel like they have meaning, and not just a dream that feels ordinary or senseless.

      Maybe the vision of yourself as a demon in a cage is there is some part of you that you don’t like. Perhaps it’s the grudge you have against wendy and you are trying to lock it up inside so you don’t have to deal with forgiving her, or deal with the pain of betrayal. Maybe you bottled up some hurt and rage about what happened and you havent dealt with it yet.
      Did you confront wendy? or just stop talking to her?

      In the end only you can really figure out what your dream means because you know yourself better than anyone.
      Answer the questions i asked to yourself and think about everything i said. if it makes sense then maybe you can resolve your internal conflict and stop having bad dreams.

      I really hope that you can figure out what the dream means and move on to happier sleeps 🙂


  4. Feedback for my poem and I have a question too.?
    Another Sleepless Night

    As I sit in my room
    looking out my window
    At the moonlit landscape,
    contemplating about the past,
    and about love, and about her.
    Without her, I can’t sleep
    Countless nights I lay awake
    trying not to think about her.
    Every star a wish,
    and every wish a quest.
    I try not to fall asleep,
    ‘Cause I’ll dream about her.
    The dreams become nightmares.
    My mind becomes a safe haven,
    and it houses the unwanted memories.
    I start to break down,
    I feel like shutting down.
    I drown in my own depression,
    and I get tangled in the memories.
    My emotions engulf me in pain.
    Too much pain and sorrow.
    It’s now 3:00 A.M.
    Sweat and tears cover my face.
    I feel like a helpless prisoner.
    Trapped in my own loneliness.
    I yearn for her voice,
    but I hear nothing.
    Just silence in the air.
    Only my moans and cries tear through it.
    I try to get up,
    but I’m too weak.
    It’s now 5:30 in the morning.
    No sleep and no happiness.
    My eyes yearn for her smile.
    My soul yearns for some mercy.
    The pain is deep and like a rapier.
    Almost too much to bear.
    My heart and my soul are dying.
    I just want it to end!
    The sun slowly rises along the horizon.
    And it reminds of her smile.
    No remedy will cure my pains.
    She was my life and my world.
    She was my everything!
    Now I have nothing except for pain.
    I feel numb inside and out.
    She was all I needed,
    and now she’s gone!

    Hope you enjoyed it. I am a 14 year old aspiring poet. I know it may not be the best and I hope it’s not the worse.
    My question is: How do I get a Copyright for my poems? It would be nice to know so yeah.


    • I ❤ yew like ๑۩۩.'s ❤ nanas

      thats a very nice poem!! 🙂 i like it a lot… and sorry hun i dont know how to get poems copyrighted :/ (i wish i did)


  5. What to do about night sweats?
    I have horrible night sweats. I literally wake up in the middle of the night soaked. I am NOT (pre)menopausal, and I have met with my doctor regarding thyroid, blood pressure, etc., and I’m healthy. I have read about different hormone creams as being a possible solution, but I don’t want to use anything that might impact the effectiveness of my birth control (which has been ruled out as a cause for the night sweats). Plus, from what my doctor has discovered, it is NOT hormone related, so a hormone cream probably wouldn’t be an effective remedy anyhow. I have tried lowering the temperature in my bedroom, sleeping with windows open, cold showers before bed, limiting alcohol and spicy food — just about everything that has been suggested, without any relief. Do you have any other ideas, an herbal remedy or have you found something else that works well for you?


    • Try using baby powder before you go to to sleep. This should absorb the moisture and help regulate your sweat. In addition, you may want to drink a nice tall glass of ice water. This helps keep your body core temperature cooler the first initial couple hours.

      Good luck


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