On warmer days, our bodies tend to sweat more than on cool days. The reason for this is because sweating is a cooling mechanism that works to keep our body from overheating. Without this vital function, people would overheat and could die from heat exhaustion by doing the simplest tasks. Although sweating is important to life, excessive sweating is not. Sweating too much is a medical condition can be very embarrassing. It can really damage your self esteem as you become paranoid about your bad personal hygiene and what others think of you.

Luckily, excessive sweating is treatable. You do not need to live with it for the rest of your life. Follow the 3 natural remedies on how to stop sweating below and you should soon stop sweating as much.

Eating charcoal sounds bizarre, but it has actually been proven to help decrease sweating. For the best results, eat charcoal on an empty stomach every morning. People that have used charcoal to decrease sweating have reported that they notice a decrease in sweating in just 2-3 days of eating charcoal.

Sage is a powerful solution that can stop your excessive sweating. Steep 1 tablespoon of sage leaves or mix 1 teaspoon of sage powder into a boiling cup of hot water. If you do not like the taste of sage, you may add a twist of lemon for taste. However, if you choose to use sage you must be careful when brewing. If you over brew sage, it could become toxic. So make sure you know how to brew sage before using this method.

Wheat Grass
Wheat grass is excellent for helping decrease excessive sweating. This drink is jam packed full of vitamin B, which is perfect for fighting excessive sweating. Drink 1-2 glasses daily of wheat grass. Within one week you should notice a overall decrease in the amount you sweat.

Above are 3 natural remedies for curing excessive sweating. If you follow those 3 simple steps and incorporate that into your daily life, you should notice an overall decrease in sweat. However if you want to stop sweating permanently, you should definitely get stop sweating guide. I highly recommend getting a guide because then can be assured that you will properly and surely stop sweating for good. Imagine never having to be self conscious about your hygiene again.

Live life worry free. Stop sweating and start living today.



  1. I sweat too much?
    Ok, I am only 13 and I sweat too much. I know this has to do with hormones and stuff but I hate sweating because i am self concious enough. i can just sweat from sitting and doing nothing… Its really embarasing cuz it shows in my shirts and theres no way i can fix it.. no matter what deodorant i use it happens… Now more than ever..This problem is progressing.. For instance today i was just sitting with my friends and all of a sudden i began to sweat. I could feel the wetness in my arm pits on my shirt. My friend even teased me because of the fact that i sweat so much!!!

    Someone help me Pls!!!!!! Pls, give me some home remedies?

    P.S: I wear deodorant.. and take a shower daily….


    • princessnicky1700

      well i have a few for this. A really cheap way is caldacin powder this stuff is so cool like okay you can pour it on top of a glass of water and put your hand all the way to the bottome of the water and your hand comes out dry. i know this cause my sister has the same problem and that what she uses if you really wanted to and have the finaces to do so there are injections that you can get the decrease the sweat producers under your arms. and i hear that these injections work really well.


  2. Please help!! Growlin stomach and sweating too much!?
    How do you stop your stomach from growling and stop sweatin too much???

    1. Stomach growling: Im 13 yrs old and since about 5 months ago my stomach keeps growling soo loud. Literally it makes this kind of farting,bubbling noices inside. My stomach keeps growling even when im not even hungry. Its just soo embarrising. πŸ™ Help what should i do?? Any home remedies or medicine??

    2: Sweating: I dont think this is normal. Dont tell me its good for me but how do you stop sweating too much?? Everytime i get nervous or stress over somethin i start sweating too much. Wat should i do? I’m tired of sweating.. its just soo embarassing. πŸ™

    H E L P. …. thanks


  3. I am having dry skin but still during my face and head (or scalp) sweat too much, please suggest home remedies?
    remedies for facial and head sweating


    • Sweating Too Much: Natural Treatments

      * Drink more than six glasses of water each day, this will preserve a good blood stream and control the excessive sweating.

      * You can also drink saga tea, drink it daily as this destroys the toxins in the body and therefore lessen the sweating in a person, especially the armpits.

      * Get some fresh lemon juice and apply it to your body parts which tend to sweat a lot. Leave it like that for about 10-15 minutes and then rinse it off. If you do not have fresh lemon juice, you can use vinegar or tomato pulp as they have the same effect on sweating too much.

      * You can make a paste by milling eucalyptus leaves and walnut together. Place the pasta on body parts prone to sweating too much and do not touch for around 5-10 minutes and then wash it off with water.

      * Maintain a low fat diet. Stay away from sugar, salt and spices.

      * Wear only clothes made out of cotton. Do not wear silk and other β€žslickβ€œ fabrics which generally make the whole sweating thing even worse.

      * Get cotton pads, soak them up in lemon juice and baking soda. Patting the cotton pads under the armpits will minimize the body smell and sweating too much, and along that it will give you a fresh and tingly feeling all day long.

      When you decide upon a certain natural treatment for sweating too much you should apply it for 3 months consistently. If it does not give you the wanted results, the visit the doctor.

      always tried a natural ways in sweating problems it is always the best solutions..


  4. too much sweating?
    well, i’m 13 and for the last 6 months, i’ve been sweating a lot. this didn’t happen to me before…maybe puberty, lol.
    anyway, so like i put on deoderant, [secret] and then when i’m wearing a sweatshirt, i still sweat! it drives me insane, because i ALWAYS get sweat stains..in school, pe, everywhere…under my arms.

    i’ve tried secret anti perspirant in gel, in regular. nothing works. i even sweat when im wearing a jacket.
    so, for the last week i didn’t wear deoderant, i didnt sweat as much, but i sweated a little bit, and it smelled really bad.

    and it takes forever to dry. agh. i don’t sweat in the night…

    so, what can i do? if worse comes to worst, i can buy new deoderant…like secret clinical stregnth or mitchum.
    but, any home remedies i can use?

    thanks! best answer=10 pts

    p.s: will this stop eventually?


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