Hyperhidrosis sufferers are easily spotted by the wet sweat stains on their shirts. It causes social embarassment to the person when the people around him or her spots the wet shirt stains. I’ve personally suffered from excessive sweating before and I know how damaging it can be to your self-esteem. However it need not be this way as there are breakthrough treatment methods today that are completely natural and causes no side effects. Learn more about how I treated my sweating problem by following the link at the end of this article.

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The excessive sweating occurs as a result of taking drinks containing caffeine alcohol and spices. The three things are stimulants and they affect the nervous system resulting in this type of sweating. All the three induce sweating agents. To stop it all these three factors have to be avoided.

Excessive sweating can make a person smell awful! You may experience this awful smell by being the unlucky person who gets to sit beside him on a bus or shake his sweaty hand. Everyone has experienced this kind of situation and everyone hates it.

Here are some options you can look at to treat excessive sweating – Oral Medications – Anti-anxiety medications can help patients whose excessive sweating is primarily due to stress-induced anxiety. Antidepressants also have helped some patients cope with hyperhidrosis. However these medications often have side effects and as result are generally not recommended for long-term use.

In order to decrease general sweating one has to either cut down the nerve impulses to the sweat glands cut down on the acetylcholine destroy the glands or block off their ducts so that the sweat cannot flow out onto the skin. One of the main ways to cut down sweating is to use a medicine on the surface of the skin to cause the sweat to thicken and plug up the ducts which is how the antiperspirants that are often used under the arms to decrease underarm sweat and odor work. These usually contain aluminum metal salts such as aluminum chloride which have to be frequently reapplied or else the clumps in the ducts will get dissolved unblocking the ducts and permitting sweating.

Sweaty palms disorder or the palmer hyperhidrosis is the most commonly diagnosed forms of the excessive sweating syndrome hyperhidrosis. This condition represents itself by occurring as a condition when a person’s hands and soles of the feet sweat boundlessly. This produces wet and cold hands of the patients who suffer from hyperhidrosis. That is the bad news the good is that there is more than one cure for sweaty palms.



  1. sweat; NEED help! D: D:?
    Wellllp, here’s another sweating question. I’ve possibly read through every single question on here involving sweat, & i’m just not finding the help I need. I’m 16 years old, and sweat…bad. I’ve been like this for a few years, but never really cared or noticed just how bad it was until last year. I’ve tried every single antiperspirant out there; drank loads of water; wore loose fitted clothing; baby powder; exercise; everything. NOTHING WORKS. I recently heard about “drysol” but with it i heard about the problems; such as cancers & other serious problems. At this point, I’m willing to take that chance. I’d like some home remedies that have some guarantees about working. I’m tired of having to wear jackets over my clothes to hide the sweat, and even with that, I sweat through the jacket! It’s gross, and brings down my self esteem even more than it already is. I’ve even stuck tissues and toilet paper under my arms to try and absorb the sweat. Any help would be greatly appreciated, (: please & thankyou!


  2. Could I have had a Niacin overdose?
    I am a reasonably healthy person, but every great once in a while I will start to catch whatever bug might be going around. I can usually catch it in time, with my homemade remedies, but today scared the crap out of me. Before breakfast this morning I mixed up the usual remedy for my husband and I of one part each of Sugar free rock star (because it has things in it I haven’t got around the house, yet, and it’s a great pick me up), airborne, green goodness juice, cranraspberry juice, and pomegranate blueberry juice together in two 12 oz glasses. This nearly always kicks the bugs butt. Well, Today I decided to add a 1/8 teaspoon of powdered niacin to MY 12 oz glass of mix. My husband doesn’t care for the effects so I didn’t add it to his. I have used niacin in the past (about once or twice in a 6 month period of time) and I have never had the effect I had today. Holy crap! I thought I was gonna die. I felt the usual flush and burning skin sensation that comes with the use of niacin. Then my face seemed to pressure up around my nose and mouth and I could feel the pulse of my heart beat in it. So I sat down at the kitchen table and thought it will pass, but it got worse. My body started heating up all over as if I had put a fire on inside of me. I went and laid on my bed, but I had to sit back up because my vision started getting specks of black dots in it. Then all I could see was movement, in my vision, like looking at my reflection in a lake when it’s raining. I could hardly see at all. I felt like I was about to faint. I felt clammy, chilly and light headed. Then I made my way back to the kitchen table and slid in to the seat and tried to compose myself. Then everything happened so fast. I drank a glass of water and sat there for a few seconds with my head on the table feeling uncontrollably sleepy. I remember wanting to tell my husband what was happening to me, in case he had to take me to emergency, but I couldn’t even vocalize this to my him as he sat watching the news 10 feet away. Next thing I remember I am waking up a few minutes later and lifting my sweaty face off of the table. I got up and staggered into the bathroom, because now I’m nauseous and I think I’m gonna be sick. My whole body is breaking out in a sweat, but instead of throwing up I lift the toilet seat lid and sit down. Shaking uncontrollably, I have myself a long long pee. I remember thinking…Where did that come from? The nausea left me as quickly as it came on. As I made my way out of the bathroom my husband asks me if I’m okay. I tell him that I am better then I was a few minutes ago, but still very shaky (I tell him the details later). Then I have another glass of water and a piece of toast. After the panic wares off a bit I get online and start looking up what might have happened. I couldn’t find anything so I came here. It is nearly 3 hours later, I’m still a little shaky on my feet and my head feels heavy. I don’t see doctors or take medications and I rarely take Tylenol or aspirin. I know this seems silly, but I was curious if this Has ever happened to anyone else or what your thoughts might be. Thanks for reading. :0)


    • You probably did OD. I’ve seen patients have really low blood pressure from taking too much niacin. That’s likely what happened.


  3. what would be a good herbal remedy for stress relief or aleviating mild anxiety?
    I get a bit anxious in my work sometimes and would like to know what herbal remedies can help me keep calm. I dont blow up or let off steam but sometimes I find myself rushing to the toilet or sweating a lot. My stomach gets tense and I cant concentrate on simple tasks.
    there are some issues that trouble me but they have nothing to do with work and are health related


  4. Every summer I get itches that turn into red burn(like a cut in the center) like thing in the place?
    I am male & 22. I live in India. Not only in summer, but rarely in winter or other season, I get red burn like thing with itches in the place between thighs and penis(testes). In the center of the red area , it will be small cut like thing where you can see some blood coagulated. By searching in internet I found that it may be Jock itch. I use to sweat a lot in normal room temperature.
    1) Whats the remedy for this?( I can’t visit a doctor,Its for sure. So please avoid this answer)
    2) I am trying wearing pants or trousers or shorts with out briefs? Is that advisable?(Some say if we dont wear briefs our testicles may become more hanging. I am very much confused. Please help me.)
    3) I am wearing the brief which I bought 2 years back.(I am washing and using it again and again).I think this may be one of the reason. How many months once , one should throw his old briefs.
    4) Is it ok to wear brief which is greater than the prescribed size for me, because it can let some air in the brief (around the penis) and I think that will make me comfortable. Is this ok?

    At times I apply itch guard cream which is easily avaliable for me in medical shops. I use clean toilets and I bath well. May I know why I get this kind of problem. My diet is also a balanced one with vegetables, greens, etc etc. Please help me.
    How many hours a day I can be wihtout briefs but wearing pants or shorts?


    • Skin diseases need physical examination by a
      It can not be sorted out by internet answers
      Do not risk your life.


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