To be more active and productive in your daily endeavors, you must always have the clean and fresh feeling. It is necessary to uplift your mood to feel cool and happy.

But some people are having difficulty to feel being fresh and clean. Their sweaty armpits are the main culprit. It is an annoying burden to most people having wet armpits which can be noticed by others. How to stop sweaty armpits is a big problem to them.

Your body needs to sweat out to cleanse it all the way. Sweating reduces your body heat when you are subjected to a warm surrounding. But the trouble to some people is that they still sweat even if they are not in a warm environment. It is termed as hyperhidrosis which can be genetically acquired. There is nothing to worry about this though because 60 percent of the entire population is suffering from this condition.
You must first look for simple and natural ways on how to stop sweaty armpits. They are preferable over some medical and surgical options. Avoid eating fatty foods since they cause you to sweat heavily. Choose to eat healthy foods instead.

You can also use some antiperspirants and deodorants as your way to stop sweating armpits. Aluminum chloride is their main ingredients which efficacy is only good for moderate cases of underarm sweating. A heavy dose of aluminum chloride might not be good for you since it causes skin irritation.

There are some oral medicines available to stop sweaty armpits. If you choose to use this regimen, it is recommended to consult your doctor first because some people have proven it to have side effects.

You can try some natural remedies on how stop sweaty armpits. Lemon juice is already a proven effective method. Just rub on the area after having a shower. It is affordable, very natural, and safe to use.

Surgical procedure to stop sweating could be your option but you need to decide well. It is expensive and painful. Being well informed about how to stop sweating armpits gives you better ideas to solve your problem. What it takes is only a few of your time and effort to achieve it.



  1. How do I stop sweaty armpits (Home-made ways) ?
    My armpits are always sweaty, no matter what I wear or do. I have tried so many kinds of deodorants, but none. work. I don’t want to get surgery, (I am 13) but I’m thinking I may have to? I’d like some ways to use items around the house/. (I’ve already tried lemon juice.)


  2. How do I stop sweaty armpits?
    Well I’ve tried almost every anti perspirant including Dove and Secret clinical protection and I still have sweaty underarms. I don’t have a problem with odor I just have a problem with excessive under arm sweating. Also I saw a book called Stop Sweating and Start Living is that book availiable at stores such as Barnes and Noble or is it something you HAVE to order.


    • I have this problem also and I have found that if i apply my deodorant and then rub baby powder underneath my arms it helps to stop the wetness. After I shower, I make sure I am completely dry and then apply the deodorant next I rub on the baby powder. I live in Florida and the weather here is always humid but this works for me.


  3. How to stop sweaty armpits help?
    I know its nasty but my pits always sweat even if the rest of my body is’nt sweating. How can i stop this? Btw i tried Certain-Dri & also Mitchum


    • I don’t see why you call your arms “nasty.” Moisture under the arms is perfectly normal, human and acceptable. However that condition should not be combined with that of having foul body odor. Smelling foul implies days of neglectful personal hygiene. I would assume that’s not true in your case. If you try shaving your pits that may improve things however I see nothing wrong with you.


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