Sweating Underarm – How To Permanently Stop Sweating Underarms Naturally

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Do you want to naturally stop your sweating underarm? With these all natural treatments, you will be able to stop your armpit sweat without ever having to seek professional help.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar To Stop Sweating

Apple cider vinegar is an age old natural remedy. This natural treatment has been proven to be good for your overall health as well as excellent for fighting excessive sweating. Take a teaspoon of lukewarm apple cider vinegar daily. Within weeks or if you are lucky, days of using this natural agent you should see a decrease in sweat.

Stop Underarm Sweating By Drinking Tomato Juice

Chewing fresh tomatoes is another all natural remedy proven to work towards decreasing sweating underarms. Eat fresh tomatoes daily or if you do not like to eat raw tomatoes, you may drink tomato juice. If you really cannot stand tomatoes, you may try butter milk. Butter milk has the same effect as tomatoes.

No Caffeine Equals No Sweating

Caffeine is one of leading causes of anxiety and anxiety is one of the many factors that cause your body to produce sweat. If you stay away from caffeinated drinks such as coffee, energy drinks or some soft drinks, you can maintain your sweating at a low level. So if you want to keep your underarm sweating down, stay away from caffeine.

If you want to stop sweating underarms naturally, you should follow the solutions provided above. However, if you desperately want a permanent way to forever stop sweaty armpits, I highly recommend you get a stop sweating guide. A stop sweating guide will walk you through a full list of all natural remedies that are not found on the internet to quickly and easily cure underarm sweating. You will be taught natural solutions on how to properly use each treatment to permanently stop sweating underarms.

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So if you desperately want to stop underarm sweat, the best option to get a stop sweating guide. You cannot afford to live another day with excessive underarm sweating. Get the full list of natural remedies on how to stop underarm sweating today .


  1. How do I make my underarms stop sweating so much?
    My underarms are always sweating and I don’t know why! If I’m just sitting in school, I’ll start to sweat for no reason. It’s really embarrassing. How do I stop this??


    • i have the same problem, your probably anxious, i didnt hink i was but when i asked my doctor about it thats what he said. haha, try certain dri or dry idea (certain dri you put on at night and it will prevent you from swaetin like that the next day or two, but it makes you itch a lil bit) dry idea is a deoderant that normaly helps me not sweat like a pig. good luck! and you can find both at the krogers or walmarts


  2. how to make my underarms stop sweating and stinky?
    how to make my underarms stop sweating and being stinky without deodrint? im not a fan of dodrint! sorry, no rude comments plz.


    • Every day wash your underarms with a good body wash. With those body scrubs. They’re really good.

      Don’t over wash this area a lot because your sweat glads will over produce and you’ll sweat even more.

      You can buy specially designed wipes and after sport or you think you smell bad, go to the toilets, wipe your underarms and wait a few seconds and apply some deoderant.

      Use a good deoderant. I’ve found that men’s deoderants work better than girls deoderants. And smell nicer.
      I know so many people who use it and are female.
      Lynx is great.

      Don’t wear the same top more than 2 days.
      Eat healthy.
      Drink plenty of water.
      Stress less


  3. How do I get my underarms to stop sweating so much?
    i put Certain Dri (solid) on at night and then i put on Secret Clinical strength sport on every morning and i still sweat like crazy! tomorrow id like to wear a cute long sleeved shirt to school but im afraid ill sweat too much! is there anything i can do before tomorrow to get them to not sweat tomorrow?? like anything i can buy tonight?

    thanks for everyone who answers! i really need help!


  4. Peace, Love, Birds

    how to make your underarms stop sweating?
    I sweat like crazy I wear deodorant it never smells. I use the deodorant that’s guaranteed to make you not sweat and I still do. It’s embarrassing at school to not be able to raise my hand without people noticing that. Does anyone have the same issue or have a solution? Thanks
    Also i’m in PE so what should I do cuz I’m screwed right now


    • You can try a baking soda deodorant but the only real solution is to wear an undershirt, it will catch the sweat so no one sees the perspiration on the top shirt. Works for my bro. Hope that helps!;o)


  5. How to stop sweating in underarms?
    I’m 11 and I sweat a lot under my arms. I use deoderent/antipersperent but its not working. What are some home remedies that don’t invole dieting? It is sooo embarrasing it. leaves stains all over my shirt and I have to wear a jacket in gym!!! o
    Should i like, cut a maxi pad in half and put it in my shirt? Please help. 10 points best answer.


    • Natalia Symone'

      You’re just going through puberty. Don’t worry too much. I would though start worrying, if I were you, if this continues to happen after the age of 16. Then you may just have hyper hydrosis. A condition to where a person is sweating more than usual. This is usually cured through clinical strength deodorants. A lot of people recommend Certain-Dri. That can be found at Walgreen’s. Also it could just be genetics. I wish you good luck. 🙂


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