Many people sweat more on head other than underarms alone. Hiperhidrosis that is excessive head sweating is a process of loosing out body fluids from the pores of the body. It is very embarrassing for you to keep dripping from head all the time. If you are someone who wants to overcome his embarrassment of it then this article is a must read.

Hands feet are other areas prone to sweating. You can lose your confidence because of excessive head sweating. It appears as if you are much tensed. It can be easily noticed too due to appearance on face. It makes your hair damp and smells like that of a stale sweet. Sweaty and smelly head is never welcomed by anyone.

It causes itching on scalp as excessive head sweating can put you in trouble. The best way to overcome this state is to take bath regularly. Drink water to overcome the loss. Eat plenty of magnesium rich substances as its deficiency leads to sweating. Drink herbal tea so that it can act on soothing your body and can calm you down.

Chamomile and lavender can do wonders to cure excessive head sweating as their fragrance helps you keep the surrounding fresh. Reduce eating spices and garlic in your food because it heats up your body. Always keep face wiping tissues with you as their fragrance can keep you happy.

Mental anxiety, tension or stress is another reason for excessive head sweating. It shows on your face. Learn few exercises that can help you to calm and relax your mind and be dedicated to work for it. Divert your time to your hobbies etc. Eat nutritional food as they provide you with energy to work out your day with.

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  1. I am prone to abnormally excessive and profuse sweating, especially from the head, face and back. Why?
    Can someone tell me the cause of this condition and how I can control it? Do I have a medical condition here?


    • No, not a medical condition, just a B12 & B2 vitamin deficiency !! Is your tongue and mouth red and sore? The skin around your fingernails cracked and split? Underneath your eyelids feels all sandy and grainy?? Stressed, irritability, heart palpitations, dizziness??? Fatigue/exhaustion??
      These are all B2 (Riboflavin) and B12 deficiencies.

      The recommended daily intake for B12 is 2mcg.

      B12 will increase your energy levels, maintain a healthy nervous system, relieve irritability, improve concentration, memory and balance.

      Best natural sources are liver, beef, pork, fish, eggs, milk and cheese.

      Because B12 is not absorbed well through the stomach go get yourself a good quality multivitamin B complex supplement from the chemist. Just ask the pharmacist for assistance on which brand is a good quality one to buy.

      If you are a vegetaian and have excluded eggs and dairy products from your diet, then you need B12 supplementation. Surprisingly, heavy protein consumers may also need extra amounts of this vitamin, which works synergistically with almost all other B vitamins, as well as vitamins A,E, and C.

      The recommended daily intake for B2 if 1.2 – 1.7mg for adults. Increased amounts are need in stress situations. America’s most common vitamin deficiency is B2.

      B2 will promote healthy skin, nails and hair, eliminate sore mouth, lips and tongue, benefit vision and alleviate eye fatigue.

      Best natural sources for B2 are milk, liver, kidney, cheese, leafy green vegies, fish, eggs, yoghurt and beans.

      If you eat little red meat or dairy products you should increase your intake.

      As with B12, you would be best to also take supplementation with B2. B2 will be also included in your multivitamin B complex tablet.


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  2. How to control my short temper?
    Am working every second at my computer.. Basically i am a programmer. Some times i had short temper and my head is half of pain (One side head ache). Sweating.. Heart beats thundering…. I couldn’t consontrate my work… Please give sufficient suggestions…


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