Home Remedies For Excessive Sweating

In some patients excessive sweating syndrome occurs in combinations. The most commonly diagnosed blend of two different forms of hyperhidrosis is sweaty palms and feet soles together. This combination may also occur as the sweaty hands with excessive sweating in the under arms region. Such disorders are very common in teens at the time of puberty and may carry on for the whole life if not dealt with on time.

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If you have excessive hand sweating or palmar hyperhidrosis as it is medically termed you would be up with some very frustrating information from all channels like your physicians surgeons and pharmacists. They all give very different opinions of your condition that tout to stop sweaty hands. And often enough you might only get partial information which might affect your decision. Indeed not amount of visits to the clinic will you be able to find a thorough set of information on excessive hand sweating.

Since the cause of the underarm odor is the bacteria it makes sense that if we reduce the amount of sweat then we can prevent the bacteria that depend on it. Since antiperspirants are able to reduce excessive sweating they must be the answer rightc No. Antiperspirants have their limitations and draw-backs.

As follows are some excessive sweating options to consider looking at: Surgical procedures. Surgical destruction or disruption of nerve pathways that cause sweat glands to produce sweat may be used for people who do not respond well to other treatments. Risks of the surgery include infection bleeding and nerve damage.

Excessive sweating can be very distressing and is socially embarrassing. It can lead to social or psychological withdawl interferes with the grasping of objects and can affect writing on paper. Palmar hyperhidrosis (sweaty palms) is the most common form and usually the most socially disturbing. Plantar hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating of the soles of the feet) can lead to upleasant smells friction blisters infection and can shorten the life of socks and shoes. Axillary hyperhidrosis can be embarrassing and ruin clothing.

The problem of excessive sweating syndrome may get severe and a patient facing this problem may be categorized in one of the four categories which are classified and distinguished on the basis of the severity of the problem.



  1. Vamos Cruz Azul!

    How do i stop sweaty hands?
    My hands tend to sweat a lot, mo when im about to shake someones hand.
    Is there any home remedies that you know about for this problem.

    I already know that theres this surgery i could have, but i dont want get surgery.
    I want to know if theres any home remedies.

    Thank You.


    • Home Remedies for Sweating Disorder
      There are simple home remedies that can help you reduce the amount of sweat you produce. These home remedies can simply help to alleviate symptoms and may not be a cure.

      • Every morning, make yourself a cup of tomato juice. This is rich in anti oxidants and may help regulate the activity of sweat glands. Also eat grapes everyday. Both of them together help keep your body cool.

      • Another great way to cool off your body is to boil tea leaves in a large vessel and let it simmer for a few minutes. Drain the leaves and use the water to soak your hands and feet in it when it’s cooled enough. The tannic acid in the tea has astringent properties which help your body remain cool, making tea one of the best antiperspirants.

      • Alternatively, you can boil sage leaves in a large container and soak your body in it when it’s cool. Sage is considered one of the best cures for excessive sweating. You can also drink a herbal brew of sage leaves along with some honey.

      Sweating Disorder : Home Remedies suggested by users
      Diet for Sweating Disorder
      Though there is no specific diet for this disorder, it is a good idea to avoid spicy and hot foods which increase your body temperature naturally. Alcohol and caffeine should also be avoided as much as possible. Other food items like garlic and onions that are also hot, are considered powerful triggers for sweating. While you are cutting down on these, include more of fresh green leafy vegetables in your diet.

      Other Suggestions for Sweating Disorder
      Sometimes if nothing works on this disorder, one has to turn to surgery. An endoscopic thoracic surgery is a viable treatment method but is invasive and expensive and therefore should be used as a last resort.


  2. My hands and feet are so sweaty!! help?? how can i stop this? home remedies or cream?
    ok, well i always have really sweaty hands and feet, it’s really annying and gross because like if I’m tying away on the computer, when I lift my hands up, it’s kinda dirty (not that my hands are dirty just a little bit of dirt) and my feet are sweaty as well. It’s really annoying because I hate it and I get really nervouse and stuff.
    so i would like to know if there are any home remedies that I could try or some cream that I can put on or something?

    but I would not like to have surgery so please don’t suggest it.


    • I don’t know if its available in your part of the world but if you can find it it works.
      Alum powder or crystals. Powderize the crystals maybe a tsp.& mix with water to wash your hands & feet with. Do this as often as you want. Don’t soak though.
      Alum is an astringent in crystal form.


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