Want to know home remedies to stop sweatingc Is there some way to stop sweating naturallyc Natural methods should be used to prevent sweating to produce a permanent and painless treatment without side effects. There are some herbs available in the treatment of excessive sweating. Home remedies to stop sweating is carried out with the best herbs.

1. Tomato juice is a nutritious drink with many health benefits. Tomato juice is a juice made from squeezed tomatoes. Many commercial manufacturers of tomato juice also add salt. Tomato juice calms me. The result: I had then the whole time my thick jacket bear – even after landing in more than 30 degrees,” recalls Demirci. You can Blend some tomatoes or buy some tomato juice from the store and drink a glass of this a day. Check your results after at least one week.

2. Wheat grass juice is one of these green foods that is very high in vitamin B. Wheat grass powder is an excellent concentrated food source of beta-carotene, calcium, chlorophyll, fiber, iron and vitamin K. It is also a very good source of protein, vitamin C, vitamin B-12, folic acid, vitamin B-6, trace minerals and contains all essential amino acids. Wheat grass juice is claimed to have several benefits, including neutralizing toxins and carcinogens in the body, preventing tooth decay, reducing high blood pressure, and aiding in the treatment and prevention of cancer and AIDS. It is also used to prevent sweating. It is a source of many nutrients. Differences between samples of wheat grass due to variable growing conditions, quality of seed, and other factors including dose amounts and form will produce variable amounts of nutrients in any single dose of wheat grass.

3. Eat a healthy and balanced diet. Avoid all the junk foods and fast foods that make you sweat more to digest them. A smaller amount of daily salt intake and eat more calcium-rich foods such as milk, American cheese and yogurt. Calcium is useful to help to stop sweating. Drink low-fat and skimmed milk instead of cream milk. Eat less spicy foods such as garlic and onions, which contribute to foul smell of your sweat.

4. Asparagus has been used from early times as a vegetable and medicine, owing to its delicate flavour and diuretic properties. Asparagus is a popular vegetable that can provide growers with an early-season fresh commodity. Commercial outlets include U-pick operations, roadside markets, farm markets, grocery stores, and wholesale distributors. Asparagus can also be boiled, steamed, grilled, pickled, or served cold.

Try the above natural remedies should be your first choice cure for your excessive sweating problem. Not only because it is safe and cheap, but also because they have no side effects.



  1. How to stop excessive underarm sweating?Please Read Details.?
    OK.So I am 12 years old and lately, I’ve noticed I sweat A LOT but only in my armpits, no where else.It’s really embarrassing when people notice it and criticize you, especially when they don’t understand your situation.I mean for guys, it considered normal, but for girls it’s really gross.So I was wondering if there is any natural,inexpensive,harmless treatment I could find or make at home. I am NOT willing to buy any junk off the internet. So please, if you understand what I am going through, you’ll give me the best answer to your knowledge.


    • I had the same problem when I was younger, it started when I was about 10, and it totally sucked lol! I don’t know of a home remedy but you can get a pretty inexpensive solution at Target or Walgreens. I used to use one called B-drier but now I use one called Certain Dri because I like the roll on applicator and I think it is a wee bit cheaper. You put it on at night, it is a liquid, just like you would use deodorent. It soaks into your skin and once it is dry it helps stop your sweat. The active ingredient is aluminum chloride (hexahydrate). This is not the same as the aluminum zirconium (anhydrous) found in regular deodorent. I think it works by shrinking your sweat gland openings or something, but the main thing is you don’t sweat. When I first started using it I got really itchy and a bit dry sometimes under my arms. The itch goes away though as soon as the liquid dries and after you use it a while you don’t itch anymore. You can shower it off and it will still keep working. Some people put it on every few days but I like to use it almost every day because I don’t want to sweat at all. I avoid dry underarms by just using regular deodorent in the morning that moisturizes and gives a nice smell. I don’t really sweat under my arms anymore, and I used to sweat a lot, like pit stains and if I would wear a loose shirt it would roll down my torso even when it was the middle of winter and I was sitting still. Crazy embarrassing! I have hyperhidrosis and was seriously looking into botox injections as an alternative if this didn’t work. But it did, and I am sooo glad! I think it costs about $10 or less at Target or Walgreens and you can get it other places I am sure but I usually go to either of those.

      Whoop, forgot to mention. Don’t let it touch your clothes when it is wet because sometimes it discolors them, like fades the color. I avoid this by putting it on at night, which you are supposed to anyways, and wearing tank tops to sleep that don’t go high under my arms, or else waiting ten minutes until the liquid is dry to slip into my pj top. Trivial matter, but I figured I would warn you so you don’t get a nasty shock.


  2. how do i stop excessive underarm sweating?
    im 15 and i my underarms are sweating like crazy! i have to shower like, 10 times a day.. its really embarrassing.. are there anything i can do to stop this..? or any home remedies..?


  3. How to stop excessive sweating?
    How to stop excessive sweating? What are the medical causes of excessive sweating? I have been sweating a lot lately especially my underarms. Are there any home remedies for excessive sweating? I don’t want to take drugs for it 🙁


  4. how can i treat my excessive underarm sweating?
    ok so i’m a freshman in highschool. i sweat under my arms…BADLY!!! you will never catch me without a jacket. i’m very friendly and i’m social but i sweat so much that i always wear a jacket or am always keeping my arms next to me. i’ve tried everything from changing clothes during the day, going to the bathroom and applying another coat of deodorant, wearing more than one shirt, wearing large tshirts, etc. i mean theres certain times during the day when the sweat starts to dry but then it starts to come back. i hate it. i usually sweat when i’m mad but i’m usually in a good mood at school, but i still sweat there when i’m in the best mood. i hardly ever sweat outside of school (shopping, out to eat, at home, etc) always at school most of the time. i’ve tried so many antipersperants but none of them work. i heard about “certain dri” but i haven’t seen any in walmart or anything. does anyone know where i may find that? or does anyone know any home remedies or just any kind of advice to try and stop my horrible sweating? i can’t take it anymore. anyone else suffer from it or USE to and don’t now? how did you stop it? it would really help, thanks.


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