Excessive Sweating Cymbalta – How To Stop Uncontrolable Sweating – Causes Of Excessive Sweating In Men

Author: Debra Bernard

Excessive Sweating Cymbalta –

The Symptoms of Excessive Sweating – There are many symptoms of this condition including women sweating during menopause sweating when most people wouldn’t be sweating sweating from many areas of the body sweating when you’re stressed and generally feeling like sweat is a problem.

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We all know that there are possible and effective treatments to cure hyperhidrosis or the condition in which a person sweats excessively. These treatments are either topical (applying stuff to the skin to regulate sweat glands) or surgical like ETS or Botox. There are also oral medications that one can take provided it’s recommended by the doctor and has little or no side effects. You can also use antiperspirants powders and lotions but if you are looking for cures for excessive sweating you should start finding the causes and relieving the symptoms.

Although neurologic metabolic and other systemic diseases can sometimes cause hyperhidrosis most cases occur in people who are otherwise healthy. Heat and emotions may trigger hyperhidrosis in some but many who suffer from hyperhidrosis sweat nearly all their waking hours regardless of their mood or the weather.

These are some approaches to over sweating: Botulinum toxin A. This treatment is used for focal hyperhidrosis in the armpit area. Treatment involves injecting the affected area with a chemical that blocks the signal from the nerve to the sweat gland. Injections are made into the skin (intradermal). Side effects include pain at the injection site itching and headache.

Excessive sweating usually happens in people aged 25 to 64 although younger people may also be affected. Interruptions to daily activities as well as other social disruptions caused by excess sweat are a common result of this condition. In some cases people don’t seek treatment from a doctor because they do not realize that treatment exists to reduce the amount of sweat a person produces.

There are several main types of Hyperhidrosis. Plantar hyperhidrosis is the excess of sweat in the foot area and it’s close cousin is palmer hyperhidrosis which involves the palms of the hands. Auxillary hyperhidrosis is the condition of excessive underarm persperation. Facial blushing is just that excessive blushing of the face but in a very extreme and often humiliating.

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  1. can excessive sweating in a man (otherwise healthy) be caused by hormonal imbalance ? what can it be done ?


  2. How do I stop excessive underarm sweating?
    Lately, I’ve been sweating a lot under my arms. In class, the sweat goes through my shirts and there are huge stains, and they won’t go away. I’ve tried normal deodorant (gel and dry), men’s deodorant, and an Antipersperatant. Any suggestions/antipersperatants?


    • You can use baby powder under your arms. That will help. I found a blog that explains some other things you can do to stop excessive sweating.

      I’ll leave a link to the blog below.

      hope this helps…


  3. excessive sweating along with skin problems ?? just puberty or more ??
    I’m a 15 year old boy ( this is my moms account)

    I’ve had excessive sweating for almost a year and it’s not just cenetered in one place in my body. I sweat almost all the time all day in places like my feet underarms and hands ( i think that’s because that’s where most of the sweat glands are} but I also sweat in other places

    my skin has also gotten a lot worse these past two years and I think all of this is puberty and that it won’t last much longer but well I guess that’s what I hope especeially the sweating part

    what do you guys think ?

    I’ve taken pills for sweatin and everything i try maxim antipersperant and I still sweat, I use mitchum deodorant and it does make a slight difference but I still end up having wet marks

    please help !!!!!!! this does not run in my family, no one has had it ! well some of then men in my family remember sweating a lot around my age , but I don’t know what to thinK !!!!!


  4. How do you stop excessive sweating?
    I’ve been suffering from this condition for a long time and it makes it so hard to wear cute shirts without my sweat marks showing. Also i have tried Certain Dri- Didn’t work. I heard about Mike Ramsey’s book and it doesn’t interest me at all. I even tried Men’s Clinical Deodorant.Tell me any products or any natural way to stop it. I just want to go to High School sweat-free in September.
    I even sweat when it cold outside.


    • I had a similar problem when I was younger. I got some stuff from the doctor…I really don’t remember what the name of it was, but it was a liquid that I put on my underarms before bed. It is supposed to shrink your sweat glands so you don’t sweat as much in the daytime. It worked really well but it burned a little bit. It kept me dry though. Call your doctor and see if they can get some for you. You still use regular deodorant with it so you smell good. It isn’t very expensive either.

      Good luck.


  5. Sweating– I’m just sick of it. Could you help?
    I’m a normal man with a normal physique. I have this small, yet so very much irritating problem of too much sweating. I had this trouble since my childhood. Many a doctors examined me. They say that it’s just my nature and either it’ll go away naturally or I have to bear it for the rest of my life. But recently it is becoming a hindrance in my field of job. I have to look my best on my representations. Now if my whole body starts pouring- you can imagine how embarassing that is for me. It’s not that I’m nervy, but my clients are compelled to believe so. There are so many such kinds of situations that I have to face. My looks, appearence, my clothes and of course my image gets spoiled due to this excessive sweating.
    Could you suggest me a way how I can control this and bring it to normal. I mean as much as a normal man should sweat.


    • Well I have the same problem. I sweat even in winters. Just can’t stand worm weather. It’s absolutely disgusting. all I can suggest u is to get a posting at a place which is less humid. Actually it’s humidity that causes sweating. Dry heat do not cause it. I do not sweat at dry places like Delhi or Chandigarh. But I suffer from the heat like any thing. I also take several baths a day with ordinary soap. That keeps the odour away since the stink is caused by bacterias which ordinary soaps can destroy totally. Consequently although I sweat a lot I never smell bad. Also try to switch to some other profession. Mail me at cosmicdawn05@yahoo.co.in
      if u can find out some effective method to stop sweating.


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