If you suffer from excessive sweating you should avoid wearing tight fitting clothes as they create very little air circulation and make your sweat stains more obvious. Go for natural loose fabrics that allow better air flow within your body. These natural fabrics include silk and cotton.

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You might be surprised to hear that even some types of soaps can cause the problem as well. You see these soaps often kill the ‘good bacteria’ from our skin and there main job is to eliminate the bad bacteria that auses the sweating. When there is nothing there to fight them away you experience all the sweating they can cause.

Sweating of any kind can have a detrimental effect on a person’s moral and this can be especially true of anxiety sweating. It is true that most any type of excessive sweating can be harmful emotionally to many a person so what makes anxiety sweating any differentc

These are some otions to look at and consider: Botox Injections – Many countries have approved the use of local injections of botulinum toxin to alleviate the symptoms of hyperhidrosis. One clinical study claims a temporary reduction of sweating by 50% or more for the majority of those who received the injections. Multiple injections are needed for each treatment and the injections into the palms or soles are painful. Physicians may use pain-killing creams nerve blocks ice or vibrations to help with pain. These injections do not cure hyperhidrosis. Follow-up injections are required. Expense is a consideration.

Excessive sweating usually happens in people aged 25 to 64 although younger people may also be affected. Interruptions to daily activities as well as other social disruptions caused by excess sweat are a common result of this condition. In some cases people don’t seek treatment from a doctor because they do not realize that treatment exists to reduce the amount of sweat a person produces.

The amount of sweat that is excreted by the body is mainly dependent on the outside temperature and the exertion done by the body. More the exertion done more is the sweat produced so as to regulate the body temperature and to keep the body cool. . The chemical which gives out odor to sweat is 2 methyl phenol and 4 methyl phenol. The presence of these chemicals in the sweat is mainly responsible for the odor of the sweat. Sweat is excreted in humans through the sweat glands present in the body.



  1. how can you stop excessive sweating from the head PLEASE HELP?
    i sweat from the head at work all the time and it’s so embarrassing that i want to cry is there anything to help with this. I sweat while not even doing strenuous activities


  2. How Can I Prevent Excessive Sweating From Hurting My Job?
    I am overweight, and lets face it, I sweat a lot. It mostly only happens in the facial/head area. I am only 18 so i’m looking at part time jobs. I was a cashier at K-Mart last year but I couldn’t stop sweating, i’m not sure whether it was me just being nervous or what. Customers kept giving me bad looks so I figured it was my best interest to quit. I really need the money and experience so what can I do?


  3. I am prone to abnormally excessive and profuse sweating, especially from the head, face and back. Why?
    Can someone tell me the cause of this condition and how I can control it? Do I have a medical condition here?


    • No, not a medical condition, just a B12 & B2 vitamin deficiency !! Is your tongue and mouth red and sore? The skin around your fingernails cracked and split? Underneath your eyelids feels all sandy and grainy?? Stressed, irritability, heart palpitations, dizziness??? Fatigue/exhaustion??
      These are all B2 (Riboflavin) and B12 deficiencies.

      The recommended daily intake for B12 is 2mcg.

      B12 will increase your energy levels, maintain a healthy nervous system, relieve irritability, improve concentration, memory and balance.

      Best natural sources are liver, beef, pork, fish, eggs, milk and cheese.

      Because B12 is not absorbed well through the stomach go get yourself a good quality multivitamin B complex supplement from the chemist. Just ask the pharmacist for assistance on which brand is a good quality one to buy.

      If you are a vegetaian and have excluded eggs and dairy products from your diet, then you need B12 supplementation. Surprisingly, heavy protein consumers may also need extra amounts of this vitamin, which works synergistically with almost all other B vitamins, as well as vitamins A,E, and C.

      The recommended daily intake for B2 if 1.2 – 1.7mg for adults. Increased amounts are need in stress situations. America’s most common vitamin deficiency is B2.

      B2 will promote healthy skin, nails and hair, eliminate sore mouth, lips and tongue, benefit vision and alleviate eye fatigue.

      Best natural sources for B2 are milk, liver, kidney, cheese, leafy green vegies, fish, eggs, yoghurt and beans.

      If you eat little red meat or dairy products you should increase your intake.

      As with B12, you would be best to also take supplementation with B2. B2 will be also included in your multivitamin B complex tablet.


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  4. What is the cause of excessive head sweating in children and what treatment should be sought?
    The child has cold/flu symptoms and is sweating excessively from the forehead.


    • calpol and ibroprophen based medicine for over 2yr olds bring the temperature down, i took my son to the docs today and thats what she told me to use


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