Excessive sweating in the underarm area is also known as axillary hyperhidrosis. There are many different causes of this condition but there are a few that are more common.

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The causes of excessive sweating can be many but let’s firstly look at what happens when excessive sweating occurs. When excessive sweating takes place your sympathetic nervous system becomes extremely active. For those who suffer from ‘hyperhidrosis’ the sympathetic nervous system goes beyond a high activity level and into overdrive.

Excessive sweating can make a person smell awful! You may experience this awful smell by being the unlucky person who gets to sit beside him on a bus or shake his sweaty hand. Everyone has experienced this kind of situation and everyone hates it.

The approach to treating excessive sweating generally proceeds as follows: Prescription strength antiperspirants — those containing aluminum chloride hexahydrate. Surgery — cervical sympathectomy as a last resort.

The process of sweating is controlled by the Sympathetic Nervous System. This involuntary nervous system maintains the five million or so sweat glands throughout the body. In fact about two-thirds of our body’s sweat glands are located in the hands alone. The answer to the problem of hyperhidrosis lies within these nerves. Doctors have found that ‘supercharged’ nerves cause excessive sweating.

Excessive sweating is a medical problem – this sometimes sound strange but the irony is that for the person who is suffering from it – it is a real problem and there seem less or no solution for this! The general view of people about this problem is that it generates odor which is not socially okay and should be avoided.

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  1. Excessive armpit body odor?! (Female) Need Remedy!!?
    I’m a 25-year-old woman who, for the last 10 years, has had an increase in the amount of sweat that comes from my axillary (arm-pit) region. Within the last 4 years it has become increasingly smellier. I do not use traditional deodorant/anti-perspirant as i am aware of the heavy metal toxicity and other cancer-causing agents within those products so I generally use a salt stone and a deoderant from a company that does not use aluminum, etc. However, they are not seeming to be working as I find myself smelling like B.O., as well as making my clothes wet (have to stay away from colors), and it wrecks my clothes. Are there any other alternatives I could try? I’ve tried vinegar and baking soda before, but the baking soda decreased my pH in that area and gave me a rash after prolonged use. I’m almost at my breaking point and will go see a naturopath or nutritionist pretty quick here, but I’d like to try and solve this before I have to pay upwards of $100.

    Thanks so much!


    • I think you are out of luck since the alternative methods are not working and you don’t want to use traditional methods. I understand where you are coming from, the toxins etc are the reason we don’t vaccinate.


  2. Years of fatigue, excessive hunger, and anxiety anyone else with this problem?
    These symptoms have been ruining my life and preventing me from living normally so please real answers only.

    Years of fatigue, excessive hunger, and anxiety
    These symptoms have been ruining my life and preventing me from living normally so please real answers only.

    For two years now I have been suffering from the following symptoms. Extreme fatigue, anxiety, excessive hunger this all began when I was about 4 months pregnant with my second child. Before that I was not tired during the day or needed a nap. I was able to control my appetite and my weight.
    And I was not anxious all the time and did not have a problem with anger and irritability or depression. But ever since after I gave birth and seen a doctor for the symptoms that seemed quite normal during pregnancy turned into something that looked like depression and I was diagnosed with clinical depression.

    The following is the medication that I have been given and used to help me with the symptoms of that time maybe some depression feelings where there: Zoloft, lexapro and wellbutrin XL

    I was also told I have underactive thyroid and an inflamed thyroid and took Synthyroid for 4 months (side effects from Synthyroid excessive sweating, a bit less hungry) other symptoms where still there so then I saw an endocrinologist who tested for insulin, testosterone levels and THS and said everything looks good its not a thyroid problem or insulin but the testosterone was borderline / high which he said for women my age 26 would be at around 25-50 I was at 76.

    So then put me the birth control yasmin to help bring it down. It has not helped with any of my symptoms. I am still very tired all the time and need to take naps during the day I am always hungry and still really irritable and moody.

    I am a stay at home mom so I do not have the lack of sleep from over working and I do not eat because I am bored I actually feel hungry most of the time. All these symptoms have not been a problem anytime in my teenage years and young adult life until the point of my second pregnancy.

    I am thinking but I am not sure I am not a doctor. that a big possibility for all the other symptoms is the cause from the fatigue and then I eat to trying to give my body sugar to keep going. Which causes me to get moody irritable then anxious and maybe even a bit of depression because of the weight gain and crash dieting.

    Is there anybody who has had these problems and figured out the cause of the problem and been treaded correctly? I just want to get well, be normal, strong and not tired I do not want to feel so helpless and have this uncontrolled hunger anymore. Please anyone with any suggestions or maybe has seen somebody with these problems what did they do to get better?

    Thank you very much for all your help.

    Sorry for the long writing i just did not want to miss anything that could be the difference between the solution and the underling problem.


    • The symptoms you are mentioning would be typical for someone suffering from depression.
      As you told here, all of it started when being pregnant, so the triggering reason for your condition was hormones.

      As you may know (or have realised):
      The symptoms need to be taken care of, what you are experiencing is torture. Common techniques for torturing people use withdrawl of sleep, hunger, pain and anxiety..
      So its only a question of time before you might break and fighting your condition is imperative.

      I would suggest to eliminate any chances for hormone imbalance first.
      Without balanced hormones anything else will fail.
      You might try another pill, or getting off the pill for AT LEAST half a year.

      In addition to that physical exercise (at least 4 times a week for half an hour) and a healthy diet (vegetables and vitamins) will complete the treatment.
      Just dont expect an instant miracle. The condition took some time developing and needs time to “heal” like a physical wound.

      Your best weapon in your fight to get back in control again is perseverance. Pick a date nine months from now and keep up your workout schedule and diet until that day.


  3. Who are these women with smelly feet? And where can I find them?
    I’ve seen tons of commercials (both on television and the web) of products that promise to cure women’s foot odor. I also hear men complaining that their girlfriends/wives have stinky feet. However, I don’t share these negative views of women who have smelly feet. In fact, I prefer it. I’ve had female friends who’ve told me they like the smell of a man’s t shirt after he’s been working out. It’s the same concept. The truth is that human bodies are loaded with pheromones that are released when we sweat and may subconsciously attract the opposite sex. This is why colognes and perfumes are injected with pheromones. Of course there is a limit to all of this as no one wants a mate with excessive body odor. Feet are the exception…at least for me they are. And only female feet…exclusively. But maybe that’s because I’m a guy. What do you think? Are there any women who are tired of being ashamed of their foot odor? Or can you not relate to this because your feet never stink?


    • I almost didn’t respond because I’m not available for any private foot sniffing, and don’t want to be a tease. But, my feet, if they are in closed shoes, will never fail to produce a swamplike stench. LOL true, gross, but true. Doesn’t matter if I load my shoes with baby powder, or use odor eater type inserts. My feet conquer all, when it comes to that. I think it’s because they are also very flat feet and with no arches, my feet don’t breathe as much as a normal person. Sandals are the only thing that keeps the smell away.FYI. LOL


  4. Stop Excessive Underarm Sweating.?
    I have the worst underarm sweat ever! I’ve tried all kinds of deodorants . Men’s, Woman’s, Clinical deodorants, antiperspirants, baby powder, baking soda, prescribed deodorant. It’s really frustrating because i hate not being able to wear the clothes that look cute, when i shop i don’t look around and think oh this would look really cute with these pair of jeans, instead i look for whats going to hide my pit pots? So if anyone has any really good advice that would be great. Like i said i’ve been around the world with all kinds of deodorants and they’re just not working. I’ve had this problem since i was 13 and im now 18. I do exercise all the time too, i change my diet and drink lots of water to minimize the toxins in my body. Surgery and botox injections are not an option for me. Thank You!


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