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Sweaty palms disorder or the palmer hyperhidrosis is the most commonly diagnosed forms of the excessive sweating syndrome hyperhidrosis. This condition represents itself by occurring as a condition when a person’s hands and soles of the feet sweat boundlessly. This produces wet and cold hands of the patients who suffer from hyperhidrosis. That is the bad news the good is that there is more than one cure for sweaty palms.

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Sweating occurs as a result of the secretion of waste materials by the myoepithelial cells squeezing the merocrine glands and the secretions stored over there are released. Sweat is made up of 99 percentage of water blended with the sodium chloride metabolites and waste materials. The sweat is directly released on the surface on palms and soles because of 500 merocrine glands are present per centimeter in both the hand and soles.

Places like forearms groin forehead and breasts tend to be most of the top areas that may perspire in excess. The sweating signs or symptoms would certainly primarily be within these spots and many folks are experiencing this. Those individuals which may have deeply seated health-related difficulties will tend to perspire from every part of the body.

Here are some options you can look at to treat excessive sweating – Surgery — cervical sympathectomy as a last resort.

Throughout the average day our bodies naturally perspire as a way to regulate heat. In some people natural perspiration is excessive in the face and hands. This condition is known as hyperhidrosis (Sometimes misspelled as hyperhydrosis) and is defined as the production of perspiration beyond what is necessary to cool the body.

Hyperhidrosis is a genetic condition that affects mostly the hands feet or underarms. Everyone sweats to some extent. This is an important process to help the body to control its temperature and hydrate the skin. In Hyperhidrosis the brain over stimulates the glands that are responsible for sweating. It is common for it to run in families and up to one third of people have another member of the family affected.



  1. chocolatestrawberry1992

    Should i choose Triple Dry Roll on or Driclor?
    I have used Triple Dry anti-perspirant which did’nt work so i wondered if the roll on version is more affective or if i should try Driclor?
    also do you think that the roll on is a better version than the deodorant version?


    • Driclor is much better and you can get it on prescription. Be careful only to apply it to the pit bit of your armpit, the skin around can get sore


  2. Have you used DriClor under your arms?
    hi, i have over active sweat glands and i was recently introduced to driclor roll on as a treatment.It works amazingly but it does sting and itch wen i put it onat nite and my armpits are a bit sore.Is this usual and does it get better? please give me as much info as poss on your experience with it, thankyou x


    • Yes I have used this product..I found it did all it claimed with no side effects…I`m in England and had to get it thro my Doctor


  3. Does anyone know if you can use a normal roll-on when using DRICLOR at night?? Is is even necessary??


    • philbertpheinstein

      Roll ons can cause problems by clogging up pores. Don’t use them if you don’t have to.


  4. Driclor works.It totally blocks your sweat glands which prevent you from sweating.It’s amazing.I would recommend you get it.However,pls DO NOT shave on the day you apply it because it will sting like crazy.Make sure your armpits are completely dry before you apply it so it’s best to apply it last thing at night before you go to bed because your sweat glands will be inactive at that time.

    My sweating was so bad that i could not raise my arms or wave at anyone because i was super cautious about sweat patches. Now i can wear whatever i like all year round and i don’t sweat.Just keep to the instructions and you will be fine.It is also cheaper to buy from ebay uk .I got two 75ml bottles for £10.98 plus free delivery (arrived within two days) and it is a lot cheaper than the 20ml bottle that boots currently offers.Hope i have been of help to you.Good luck.


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