Prevent Sweating – Causes For Excessive Sweating

Author: Johnny Lewis

Sweating or perspiration is the release of a salty liquid from the body?s sweat glands. It is an essential function that helps maintain normal body temperature. However, there are some people who sweat excessively or experience what is known as hyperhidrosis. These people with excessive sweating sweat profusely, and some sweat almost constantly. So the question is this: What are the causes for excessive sweating?

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Sweat is commonly found under the arms, on the feet, and on the palms of the hands. As mentioned, sweating is a normal physiologic function in the body?s efforts to maintain a body temperature within normal limits. Excessive sweating, on the other hand, may occur with exercise, fever, infection, low blood sugar level, anxiety, menopause, eating spicy foods (gustatory sweating), warm temperatures, and an overactive thyroid gland.

There are two types of hyperhidrosis ? primary focal hyperhidrosis and secondary general hyperhidrosis. Primary focal hyperhidrosis, which affects about one to three percent of the population, does not cause illness and occur in otherwise healthy people. The reason it?s called focal or localized is because it affects only specific parts of the body like the underarms, groin, head, face, hands, or feet. There are statements from experts that primary focal hyperhidrosis seems to stem from a minor malfunction in the nervous system.

Secondary general hyperhidrosis is often caused by an underlying medical condition like parkinson?s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, stroke, heart failure, alcoholism, tuberculosis, and malignancies such as leukemia and lymphoma. This type of hyperhidrosis is usually in the form of excessive generalized sweating at night. What happens then is that severe and chronic wetness makes the affected areas white, wrinkled, and cracked. They may also become red and inflamed, or even emit a foul odor due to the breakdown of sweat by the skin?s normal bacterial flora. Some medications also cause general excessive sweating. Some psychiatric medications, antihypertensives, medications for dry mouth, antibiotics, and even supplements are examples of medications that may cause this condition.

You see, there are a variety of causes for excessive sweating. Remember, though, that true excessive sweating goes beyond the normal physical need to sweat.

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  1. Excessive Sweating? Please help!?
    Hi, ladies. I have a bit of a problem. You see, I sweat. A lot. An insane amount, actually, even when I’m doing nothing that calls for it! Just this morning I was sweating just brushing my teeth! I had the air conditioner on and everything and I was still building up a sweat. I sweat getting dressed in the morning, sweat doing my hair, sweat walking to the train, sweat walking up a flight of stairs… that is not NORMAL. Moreover, it’s humiliating because everywhere I go people are seeing me dripping sweat. Dripping lots and lots of sweat. I bumped into a guy friend this morning on the train and was so embarrassed because I was sweating bullets in only a slightly warm train. And it lasted the entire ride, too (so 15 minutes of sweating like crazy!). I could not get myself to cool down. When I go to school I have to get there a whole 10 minutes early so I can wash up, lock myself in a stall, and just sit and relax until class starts.

    I don’t know what to do anymore. My mom says it’s normal, but I know it’s not. She’s a really heavy woman and waking down the block doesn’t cause *her* to start sweating as if she’d been jogging down ten. I really just want this to stop. Please help.

    Thanks in advance.
    I’m 18 so puberty is pretty much over for me. And yeah, I do drink lots of water.

    I suppose a trip to the doctor is in order, then. I hate going, but what else am I to do?


    • Could be a lot of things, dear. You may have a chemical imbalance or over-active sweat glands. Do you drink lot’s of water?

      I think you should see your doctor about this one. It’s NOT normal to sweat as much as you do.

      Edit: Sweetie, I don’t think there’s anything else that you can do except for go to the doctor and get this sorted out.


  2. Excessive Fluids Downstairs…WOMEN HELP!!?
    I have an issue with my downstairs “sweating” as i call it. Its been happening since i was about 9 when i got my first period. I have to wear a pad daily or else i can soak through my undies and it gets onto my clothes and has left big wet marks its embarassing…Its not just sweat though its yellowy brown in colour on the pads i use…I only wear cotton underwear and tend to usually be in cotton pants..Im a heavier girl but not overly and i shave my down there cause i thought i would help but it doesn’t…I am clean of STD’s….I do have PCOS with no signs of endometriosis…anyone got any ideas!!! im 24 now and its annoying!!


  3. Years of fatigue, excessive hunger, and anxiety anyone else with this problem?
    These symptoms have been ruining my life and preventing me from living normally so please real answers only.

    Years of fatigue, excessive hunger, and anxiety
    These symptoms have been ruining my life and preventing me from living normally so please real answers only.

    For two years now I have been suffering from the following symptoms. Extreme fatigue, anxiety, excessive hunger this all began when I was about 4 months pregnant with my second child. Before that I was not tired during the day or needed a nap. I was able to control my appetite and my weight.
    And I was not anxious all the time and did not have a problem with anger and irritability or depression. But ever since after I gave birth and seen a doctor for the symptoms that seemed quite normal during pregnancy turned into something that looked like depression and I was diagnosed with clinical depression.

    The following is the medication that I have been given and used to help me with the symptoms of that time maybe some depression feelings where there: Zoloft, lexapro and wellbutrin XL

    I was also told I have underactive thyroid and an inflamed thyroid and took Synthyroid for 4 months (side effects from Synthyroid excessive sweating, a bit less hungry) other symptoms where still there so then I saw an endocrinologist who tested for insulin, testosterone levels and THS and said everything looks good its not a thyroid problem or insulin but the testosterone was borderline / high which he said for women my age 26 would be at around 25-50 I was at 76.

    So then put me the birth control yasmin to help bring it down. It has not helped with any of my symptoms. I am still very tired all the time and need to take naps during the day I am always hungry and still really irritable and moody.

    I am a stay at home mom so I do not have the lack of sleep from over working and I do not eat because I am bored I actually feel hungry most of the time. All these symptoms have not been a problem anytime in my teenage years and young adult life until the point of my second pregnancy.

    I am thinking but I am not sure I am not a doctor. that a big possibility for all the other symptoms is the cause from the fatigue and then I eat to trying to give my body sugar to keep going. Which causes me to get moody irritable then anxious and maybe even a bit of depression because of the weight gain and crash dieting.

    Is there anybody who has had these problems and figured out the cause of the problem and been treaded correctly? I just want to get well, be normal, strong and not tired I do not want to feel so helpless and have this uncontrolled hunger anymore. Please anyone with any suggestions or maybe has seen somebody with these problems what did they do to get better?

    Thank you very much for all your help.

    Sorry for the long writing i just did not want to miss anything that could be the difference between the solution and the underling problem.


    • The symptoms you are mentioning would be typical for someone suffering from depression.
      As you told here, all of it started when being pregnant, so the triggering reason for your condition was hormones.

      As you may know (or have realised):
      The symptoms need to be taken care of, what you are experiencing is torture. Common techniques for torturing people use withdrawl of sleep, hunger, pain and anxiety..
      So its only a question of time before you might break and fighting your condition is imperative.

      I would suggest to eliminate any chances for hormone imbalance first.
      Without balanced hormones anything else will fail.
      You might try another pill, or getting off the pill for AT LEAST half a year.

      In addition to that physical exercise (at least 4 times a week for half an hour) and a healthy diet (vegetables and vitamins) will complete the treatment.
      Just dont expect an instant miracle. The condition took some time developing and needs time to “heal” like a physical wound.

      Your best weapon in your fight to get back in control again is perseverance. Pick a date nine months from now and keep up your workout schedule and diet until that day.


  4. Beyond the obvious, what would cause a young woman to overheat? (please, read details b4 answering!)?
    I’m a 21-year-old woman who is having these periods of excessive sweating for a while now (since approx. Spring ’06). When I have to walk from point A to point B, I work such an excessive sweat to the point of my face being so beat red and to the point of pouring out what seems like buckets of sweat. Sometimes, even when I’m walking through a very good air conditioned area, I can start sweating just a bit. I have to get into a meat-locker-cold room or have to drink something frozen in order to cool down.

    I have polycystic ovarian syndrome, and I’m currently taking metformin, aldactone, and yaz for it. I went to my endrocrinologist, my cardiologist, and my primary care doctor, and all of them have done tests, which have all come back normal.

    Whoever answers this question, please point me in the right direction so that I can figure out what’s going on with me.


    • Women with PCOS are also prone to having problems with their thyroid. A thyroid imbalance can also sometimes cause the symptom of overheating. Check with your endocrinologist to see if they tested your thyroid levels. If it’s been a while it might be time to run the tests again to see what they show.


  5. Can you PLEASE help me solve these!? 10 extra points*?
    I’m taking my health class online and I have no clue what these questions mean!
    HELPP MEE!!!

    What is a typical reason that a two-year-old should see a health care provider?

    to be assessed for cancer
    to receive an immunization
    to have a Pap smear
    to have blood work for cholesterol done

    An injection of which of the following can help to the body improve one’s own immunity and life-long resistance to specific types of infectious diseases?

    chemotherapy drugs

    Which health care professional would be responsible for providing an ultrasound to a pregnant woman to visualize the fetus and its development?

    registered nurse
    radiologic technician

    Which birth defects occurs when the roof of the mouth does not fuse together?

    Muscular Dystrophy
    Spina Bifida
    Down’s Syndrome
    Cleft Palate

    The loss of which hormone contributes to osteoporosis?


    Which of the following behaviors will not help reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease?

    using sunscreen
    maintaining a healthy weight
    exercising regularly
    eating a low-fat diet

    When the body doesn’t produce insulin, what is the effect?

    cells absorb too much glucose and the blood sugar is low
    cells don’t absorb enough glucose and the blood sugar is high
    cells produce too much glucose and the body uses fat for energy
    cells don’t produce enough glucose and the body stores fat

    What can people do to reduce their risk of developing type 2, or adult-onset, diabetes?

    reduce salt intake
    wear sunscreen or protective clothing when outside
    take insulin regularly
    eat a healthy diet and maintain a proper body weight

    What can people do to reduce their risk of developing skin cancer?

    reduce salt intake
    wear sunscreen or protective clothing when outside
    take insulin regularly
    eat a healthy diet and maintain a proper body weight

    What is the most prominent and preventable risk factor contributing to lung cancer?

    air pollution
    no insulin produced
    lack of exercise

    What is the single, most effective means of breaking the chain of infection?

    wearing gloves when in direct contact with people
    using disposable tissues for the cold or flu
    washing hands frequently throughout the day
    cooking and storing foods at their proper temperature

    A fifty-two-year-old woman feels a squeezing, crushing pain in her chest. The pain also extends to her left arm, neck, and shoulder. She is short of breath. What is she suffering from?

    diabetes mellitus
    a stroke
    a heart attack
    breast cancer

    What is metastasis?

    swelling because of fluid retention in the abdomen
    cancer cells leaving a tumor and invading other parts of the body
    breathing into an inhaler to open up the airways
    using a balloon on a long tube to flatten plaque in an artery

    Which of the following best increases the chance of surviving nearly any type of cancer?

    early detection

    What infection is transmitted by mosquitoes and is relatively new to the United States and can cause flu-like symptoms that can result in encephalitis?

    West Nile Virus
    lung cancer
    heart disease
    Alzheimer’s disease

    There have been documented cases of HIV being passed through all these ways except which of the following?

    excessive sweating
    blood transfusions
    sexual intercourse

    Which of the following is a myth about HIV and AIDS?

    There is no cure for HIV infection.
    Only homosexual men get AIDS.
    The virus that causes AIDS attacks the immune system.
    Many HIV-infected people look and feel fine.

    What is the most common way hepatitis A is transmitted?

    fecal-oral route
    sexual contact
    contaminated needles

    How does HIV affect the body?

    It infects red blood cells, decreasing the amount of oxygen the blood can carry.
    It infects certain white blood cells, destroying the immune system and making the body susceptible to infection.
    It infects the alveoli of the lungs, reducing lung capacity and the effectiveness of the respiratory system.
    It infects blood-forming cells in the bone marrow, producing anemia and destroying the immune system.


    • 1. to receive an immunization
      2. vaccinations
      3. radiologic technician
      4. Cleft Palate
      5. estrogen
      6. using sunscreen
      7. cells don’t absorb enough glucose and the blood sugar is high
      8. eat a healthy diet and maintain a proper body weight
      9. wear sunscreen or protective clothing when outside
      10. washing hands frequently throughout the day
      11. smoking
      12. a heart attack
      13. cancer cells leaving a tumor and invading other parts of the body
      14. early detection
      15. West Nile Virus
      16. excessive sweating
      17. Only homosexual men get AIDS.
      18. fecal-oral route
      19. It infects blood-forming cells in the bone marrow, producing anemia and destroying the immune system.


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