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Author: Bryan Hufford

Excessive armpit sweating can be quite embarrassing, especially when your stuck in a public place or a social gathering. And the constant thoughts and anxiety of wondering if people can see your armpit sweat only makes it worse. Not what I’d like to call a good time, but that’s just another day for someone who suffers from excessive armpit sweat.

Sweating is a normal function of our bodies. It’s natural to sweat, and without it, our bodies wouldn’t be able to release all of the excess heat that is couped up inside of us. Unfortunately, some people do sweat more than others. The general problem areas are the hands, feet, and of course, your underarms (which is the most embarrassing place to have sweat dripping from).

Most of those who do have a lot of sweaty armpit episodes generally use antiperspirants or deodorants that are of clinical strength or prescribed by a doctor to help control the excessive armpit sweating. And there are times when even these strong antiperspirants cannot even stop the underarm sweat from soaking through clothes. All this really does is mask the symptoms without actually treating the problem.

Aside from doctor prescribed treatments and over the counter treatments that just don’t do the trick, there are natural remedies out there that actually aid in the treatment of excessive armpit sweat. In fact, some of these natural remedies have been proven to stop armpit sweating altogether! Imagine the feeling of never having to worry about the embarrassing sweaty underarms again. Wouldn’t that be something to finally be happy about?

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  1. How do you stop armpit sweating?
    im 16 and for the past 6 months i have been seating none stop around my armpit area. Im not over weight or too hot. It just happens, i could be sitting or standing, i just can’t stop sweating.


    • antiperspirant ..get some from any drug store or walmart..pretty much any where and they have clinical strength available also.


  2. How to stop armpit sweating ?
    I have this problem that my armpits sweat alot . Then my shirt gets all wet and its embarrasing . What can i do to stop this. And also not let my shirts get wet.


    • You cant stop sweating compleatly it our bodies natural way of cooling us off… Id try some clinical strength deoderant…… And not meant to be rude at allll but overweight people usually have more of a persperation problem so mabey you can try to take some weight off if your are over weight…


  3. How can I stop my armpit sweating?
    Do I have hyperhidrosis? How can i know? I know i’m going through puberty and everything but the pit stains are getting bad. I am sweating for no reason at all. I am sitting there freezing to death and my armpits are sweating like crazy. I can feel drops dripping down my stomach! I shower and I do wear deodarant! And they aren’t doing what they say. What can I do to stop this?


    • I’ve had that problem for a long time and actually considered getting botox done in my armpits because supposedly it will stop the sweating, but I’m too scared of needles. You probably don’t have hyperhidrosis though, from what my doctor told me people that have it perspire from more than just the armpits, usually their hands will drip sweat too.

      The only thing that has really helped me is antiperspirant (rather than just a plain deodorant) They sell one called Certain-Dri which you apply the night before when you go to bed, its a liquid roll-on that shuts all the pores. It really does work but don’t use it just after shaving because it burns. Its safe to use because the body has thousands of other pores to sweat from.


  4. How to stop excessive sweating and armpit sweat patches?
    okay, so i use an antiperspirant called mitchum for men which my mum said would stop the sweating and B.O. it stopped the B.O but not the sweat. I really need help on how to stop sweating. i need help BEFORE TUESDAY as i am going out. i don’t want tips on surgery or any antiperspirants etc. i just need some overnight remedy or method to stop the sweat and stop/cover up sweat patches.


    • George Golson


      Excessive sweating is a common problem that more than 3% of the population faced with. It is not only a cause of embarrassment for the individual, this condition can also create many problems with someone’s lifestyle as well.

      However there are different ways that can help you to reduce your excessive sweating.
      Check these helpful methods to avoid hyperhidrosis:

      Keep Away From Sugar

      having high sugar level in your blood produces hyper activity and anxiety that can easily produce excessive stress, also meaning excessive sweating.

      Avoid Alcohol

      Drinking drinks with Alcohol causes the dilatation of blood vessels that result in an increase in body temperature and therefore excessive sweat.

      Don’t Eat Spicy Foods:

      Spicy foods have the same effects as alcohol, it makes the heart pumps more blood and so the body, to regulate itself produces sweat.

      Adopt Your Clothing:

      Don’t over dress, and in summer or any other hot weather don’t wear synthetic fibers. Use breathing fabrics like cotton. This will ventilate your body and void any accumulation of sweat.

      Avoid Caffeine:

      Caffeine is a stimulant that increases your anxiety. Caffeine could be found in coffee and other soda drinks.

      Stop Smoking:

      Smoking is also a vessel dilator just like alcohol.

      Learn Yoga or Meditation:

      A common cause for excessive sweating is stress. To avoid or reduce stress you should learn to control it. The best way to control is by learning meditation or yoga techniques. Mastering those can make a huge difference on your life.

      good luck


  5. How do you stop excessive armpit sweating?
    How can you stop your armpits from sweating a lot when your not even doing anything? I wear deodorant and shower regularly. I have also tired Certain Dri and other things like that. I heard something about a rock but I can’t find any info on it. Do you know anything about this or have any better suggestions?


    • Certain Dri worked miracles for me. Don’t just use the regular deodorant – use the liquid roll-on that you use at night.
      Like i literally hated not wearing a sweat-shirt because my armpit-sweating was so bad. So, please use that, it was a godsend for me.


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