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The Symptoms of Excessive Sweating – There are many symptoms of this condition including women sweating during menopause sweating when most people wouldn’t be sweating sweating from many areas of the body sweating when you’re stressed and generally feeling like sweat is a problem.

Are you sick of sweating excessively? Are you browsing for a documented remedy that doesn’t just alleviate the signs or symptoms but gets rid of your excessive sweating issue for good?

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Sweating occurs as a result of the secretion of waste materials by the myoepithelial cells squeezing the merocrine glands and the secretions stored over there are released. Sweat is made up of 99 percentage of water blended with the sodium chloride metabolites and waste materials. The sweat is directly released on the surface on palms and soles because of 500 merocrine glands are present per centimeter in both the hand and soles.

What part of your body has the most sweat glands? Many people guess the underarms because thatA¢a‚¬a,¢s where sweating is often most obvious. However the feet actually contain the most sweat glands in the human body.

These are some otions to look at and consider: Oral Medications – Anti-anxiety medications can help patients whose excessive sweating is primarily due to stress-induced anxiety. Antidepressants also have helped some patients cope with hyperhidrosis. However these medications often have side effects and as result are generally not recommended for long-term use. Prescription strength antiperspirants — those containing aluminum chloride hexahydrate.

If excessive sweating is interfering with the quality of your life and keeping you from fully enjoying relationships with family friends associates and significant others you owe it to yourself to find a treatment that will work for you.

Hyperhidrosis is a genetic condition that affects mostly the hands feet or underarms. Everyone sweats to some extent. This is an important process to help the body to control its temperature and hydrate the skin. In Hyperhidrosis the brain over stimulates the glands that are responsible for sweating. It is common for it to run in families and up to one third of people have another member of the family affected.

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  1. When using Hypercare for excessive sweating do I use antiperspirants on the days I do not apply Hypercare?
    My daughter has just been perscribed Hypercare for excessive underarm sweating and we understand that she is not to apply deodorants or antiperspirants at the same time as Hypercare but what about on the off days? Do you just use nothing on those days? Kind of scary for someone who knows they sweat a lot.


    • I don’t know much about Hypercare, but I do have other alternatives for you…

      Hyperhidrosis is a fairly common disorder shared by millions across the world. By definition, Hyperhidrosis is the excessive sweating of the head, face, hands, feet and armpits no matter the temperature or conditions.

      The sweating is erratic, unpredictable and uncontrollable. You do have some options.

      To stop the excessive sweating try:

      1. Drysol

      Drysol is a prescription deodorant that works wonders for underarm, hand and foot sweating. Apply it to your hands, feet, armpits or anywhere else you sweat at night before bed. You only need to apply it once a day – it’s not like regular deodorant. This stuff is Clinical Strength. Beware of irritation with Drysol. You may have to take a day or two off from this treatment if your skin gets too dry, sensative or red with a rash.

      2. Drink more water to lower your body temperature.

      A lot of people are confused by this solution. They think if they drink more water, it will give them that much more fluid to sweat out. This is totally incorrect. Drinking more water cools your core temperature and will alleviate some of the excessive sweating. Of course now you’ll need to worry about all those bathroom breaks. 🙂

      3. Drink Green Tea or Sage Tea at night

      Tea contains an astringent property which will dry out oils and prevent excess moister from escaping the skin. It essentially drys you from the inside out.

      In addition to helping your complexion, green tea will neutralize many of the toxins that create the pungent odor in sweat. By the way, that odor is caused by bacteria that treats your sweat as a breeding ground. Gross!

      4. Try Certain Dri (non-prescription deodorant)

      You can buy this one at most pharmacies. Certain dry is a little less abrasive than Drysol so you won’t need to worry as much about irritation. It is however a little less strong. You’ll want to gauge your level of Hyperhidrosis by first trying Certain Dri. If your sweating continues, upgrade to Drysol and that should do the trick.

      5. Avoid spicy foods, alcohol and caffeine

      Don’t underestimate the power of your diet. Onions, Garlic, Curry, Coffee and a whole host of other ingredients are powerful triggers for hyperhidrosis sweating. Cut out some of these cultprits and see gradual but noticeable results. Add leafy greens and tea into your diet for a positive effect on sweating. Changing your diet will really cut out the spontaneous sweating from your daily lunch breaks.

      6. Try Iontophoresis treatments.

      This is more of a phase 3 solution. Try the clinical deodorants and diet fixes first. However, there is a treatment called Iontophoresis where you place your hands and feet into bowls or plates. The plates are filled with mineral water. Connected to the plates is an Iontophoresis electromagnetic device. Gentle electic pulses are distributed through mineral water. The minerals bond and temporarily change the nature of your sweat pores to block the sweat. This treatment works well. You can learn about it through the Source link I’ve provided below.

      7. Try a Sage Tea Soak

      There’s something called a Sage Tea solution what you do is…
      a. Buy Sage Tea from your supermarket
      b. Fill a large bowl with room temperature water
      c. Put the sage tea bags in the bowl and let the tea dissolve a bit.
      d. soak your hands for 15 minutes in the bowl.

      Sage Tea will act as an astringent to dry the skin and prevent excessive sweating for many days to follow.

      Don’t just do this soak one day. Do it everyday for 5 days straight (15 minutes at a time) and you’ll see great results.

      If your hands tan from the tea, just wash them in the sink with antibacterial soap. The residue will come off easily.

      8. ETS (Endoscopic Thorasic Surgery)

      If the sweating is bad enough, some people will opt towards ETS (Endoscopic Thorasic Surgery). This is, however, a LAST resort. I recommend you try everything else possible before opting towards surgery. You can speak with your Dermatologist to find out more.


      You can find tons other suggestions and natural solutions through the link I’ve provided.

      Best of Luck!


  2. How can you stop excessive sweating even when cold?
    How can you stop excessive underarm sweating without drugs or antiperspirants (which are bad for you)? This happens even it’s cold — it has nothing to do with sweating from being too hot.


    • Hi Rose. I had this problem. In my case, it was an anxiety problem. My body decided that it would give me underarm perspiration as it’s way of dealing with stress since I obviously held it in too much. I would not say that antiperspirants are bad for you unless you have some kind of adverse reaction to them. I did react but if you don’t, I would not hesitate to use them. Another option if you are willing to wear them is “Cami-Vee”. It absorbs perspiration before it can damage your blouse or dress. Naturally, if this is severely bothersome to you, you should see a doctor but this symptom in itself does not point to any serious disease process. Good luck.


  3. What causes excessive non cold sweating in a diabetic patient?
    knowing that he’s under tight glycemic control & he’s got high blood pressure that is adjusted by antihypertensive drugs, not using any new drugs & the this excessive sweating is a new symptom.


  4. How do you stop excessive facial sweating?
    I have a really bad problem with excessive sweating, especially on my face. I dread going out sometimes because it just doesnt stop. Its been a problem ever since I can remember and Im tired of it. Is there any over the counter medicines or product that will help me? Or am I able to get something from a doctor?


  5. What should I do to stop excessive sweating?
    What is a really good and cheap antiperspirant (I’ve already tried Certain Dri) and what are good tips to stop excessive sweating?


    • you need a muscle or nerve relaxer,,excessive sweating is normally neurological, see your doctor, also check your blood pressure while sweating to see if it is high


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